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Welcome To Charleston's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Underneath Charleston’s alluring southern charm lies a 300-year-old history of harrowing hauntings that plague the Holy City.

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Charleston Terrors takes you on a terrifying journey of the city’s darker side on a real Charleston ghost tour unveiling a disturbing history of deadly outbreaks, casualties of war, and infamous hauntings in one of the most haunted locations in South Carolina.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Charleston Terrors: The Ghosts of Pirates and Patriots Past

Underneath Charleston’s alluring southern charm lies a 300-year old history of harrowing hauntings forever tormenting this forsaken city.

Charleston Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Join us in a toast to Charleston and the spirits who remain there, reaching out to commune with visitors as they have for almost 350 years.

Charleston Unchained: Pirates and Patriots

Join us to uncover a controversial side of Charleston and peel back the layers of charm to see the real history of the Holy City.

Southern Charm Foods of Charleston Tour

A feast for all your senses, this tour brings together the best that Charleston's culinary scene has to offer. Join our expert guides on a unique culinary experience that will expand your tastes and immerse you in the best of Charleston living.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Charleston

Welcome to Charleston Terrors

Deadly Disease and The Souls Left Behind

Deadly contagions such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Smallpox ran rampant throughout Charleston’s neighborhoods, resulting in unimaginable suffering and countless painful deaths, decimating entire families. Uncover St. Phillip’s Protestant Episcopal Church Graveyard where the tormented souls of those who perished from these horrendous diseases wander amongst the decrepit gravestones. 

The spirits that inhabit the historic graveyard that is home to Secretary of War and Vice President, John C. Calhoun, are some that horror movies are made of. The ghost of Sue Howard Hardy has a wretched reputation for affecting those who have the misfortune of encountering her presence as Mary Winston did. Mary’s encounter was a frightful one, with the apparition accosting her about her lost child and resulting in Mary being unable to conceive.

Sightings beyond Sue are not abnormal. Locals believe the spirit of a child whose life was cut tragically short is bound to the cemetery as reports of an eerie, disembodied sound of a baby crying are common. Visitors on the Charleston ghost tour have also reported mysterious, ghostly figures lurking around the graveyard, in search of those they were taken from far too soon.

A Final Restless Place

St. Phillip’s Protestant Episcopal Church Graveyard may be aged but it’s certainly not the oldest cemetery in Charleston. Discover the city’s oldest and most chilling cemetery, the Circular Congregational Church Graveyard, where the oldest tombstone dates back to 1695. While natural disasters and war threatened the establishment, they also filled the cemetery with over 700 unfortunate souls in the 500 spots available. 

Whether it’s the horrific nature in which they passed or their lack of peace from sharing a grave, the spirits that inhabit the Circular Congregational Church Graveyard are mischievous at best, and malevolent at worst. Visitors have reported orbs and mysterious transparent figures popping up in photographs as well as hearing spooky disembodied voices whispering all around them.

Perhaps, one of the most terrifying encounters was experienced by a former groundskeeper. Hear the unnerving true tale of Danny Loder, the hapless employee who was tormented by multiple menacing presences encouraging him to commit unspeakable acts, striking the groundskeeper with pure fear and bringing him to tears. 

The Legends That Never Die

Charleston’s role as a vital port city made it a hub for pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard. Learn all about the port city’s dark underbelly at the Pirate House, a one-stop shop for nefarious activity that dominated the area. From prostitutes to black market traders and everything wicked in between, a now hidden tunnel was a virtual gateway for everything sinister. 

Though atrocities manifested in various forms at the Pirate House, it was the notorious Blackbeard that took depravity to another level. Hear the incredible lore of Blackbeard’s treacherous treatment of pirate Stede Bonnet, leaving Bonnet and his crew stranded in Charleston where they would meet a gruesome end at the Old Provost Dungeon. 

The horrors that thrived behind closed doors have since been released and can be felt throughout this paranormal hot spot. The pirates that were hanged as a result of Blackbeard’s treachery have reportedly been seen wandering the streets near Old Provost Dungeon, no doubt vengefully searching for the legendary pirate that cost them their lives.


Prohibition, Rebellion, Gunpowder, and Ghosts


South Carolina was one of the first states to enact Prohibition laws, which came into effect on New Year’s Day, 1914. Created out of rebellion, The Blind Tiger is one of Charleston’s oldest and most famously haunted speakeasies.  Embark on a nail-biting adventure with Charleston Terrors where you might see the terrifying phantom of the Woman in Black who’s known to make frightening appearances and induce terrifying encounters by tugging on the hair of those she deems worthy, or deserving.

The Blind Tiger isn’t the only well-known location in the Holy City that has a sinister backstory. Venture to Philadelphia Alley where men settled their disputes with good ol’ fashioned duels, and where their spirits continue to seek out the ones who sealed their fate. 

In the days of mayhem and madness, Philadelphia Alley, or “Deuler’s Alley”, was the sight of nearly two dozen duels, some more grisly than others. Uncover the horrid details of the area’s most famed duel that involved a young Dr. Joseph Ladd who ultimately lost his life. To date, his apparition can be seen wandering Philadelphia Alley, whistling as though the duel never occurred. Visitors also report sounds of phantom gunshots, and being pushed out of the specter bullets’ way.

The Never-Ending Echoes of War and Death

Charleston was a crucial and strategic location that was coveted throughout the American Civil War. One location that housed the tools used for death and destruction is now filled with the unexplained and supernatural. Visit The Charleston Powder Magazine, the former storage facility for gunpowder and weapons that now serves as a prison for tortured souls. 

It’s said that the spirits of the casualties of war continue to roam the grounds, guarding their posts even in the afterlife. The crippling sounds of the forsaken can be heard in the form of screams and unimaginable pain throughout the building. Yet none of these sounds are as disturbing as witnessing a young soldier relive his own death.

Uncover the petrifying account of one teenager’s encounter with a befallen soldier. Relive his fear as you hear details of the soldier’s appearance and how his death was reenacted before the teen’s very eyes. Sadly, his spirit is one of many that are tethered to these unholy grounds in the Holy City.

Discover all the unknown details and mournful tales full of woe on a meticulously-researched and authentic Charleston ghost tour with Charleston Terrors. Prepare to uncover why the jewel of South Carolina is also one of the most haunted.


Discover the Darker Side of an Otherworldly Historic Destination

Don’t be fooled by the charming ambiance of Rainbow Row in the city’s historic district. Beneath Charleston’s multiple, stately Georgian facades is a truly disturbing and sinister underbelly that can be largely attributed to the city’s involvement in the atrocities of the transatlantic slave trade.

Experience the disturbing history of the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon, where hundreds of runaway slaves were mercilessly executed and a plethora of other prisoners —sometimes including entire families — tragically died while rotting away in their cells. Their tortured souls are said to still roam the basement halls, crying out in anguish and begging for mercy, forever tied to this horrific site. 

The misery and pain soaked into the foundations of Charleston’s streets and buildings reverberate outward making it an incredibly active site full of negative energy, bone-chilling hauntings, and otherworldly activity. For all of the city’s glory, there’s a harrowing side that hides in plain sight.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Adrenaline Rush and Experience You’ll Cherish Forever

From Poogan’s Porch and its multiple resident ghosts continuously clamoring for attention to the Mills House Hotel that still houses its original, now ghostly, residents, Charleston Terrors will introduce you to a frightful history filled with an unbelievable reality that paved the way for all manner of unexplained activity and strange happenings.

The neverending bloodshed left a grim stain on Charleston that can still be seen and heard today in the dark echoes from the land of the dead that are felt in every haunted iconic city. Take a walk on the cursed streets and see the sites where heinous transgressions replay nightly for those in their vicinity, and hear the howls of agony that consume the air in the dark of night. 


Be Part of a Growing Ghostly Community

The amount of pain, suffering, and death engrained in the stones of The Holy City created a foundation of misery and misfortune that in turn birthed unexplained hauntings, gave way to eerie otherworldly encounters, and cemented its reputation as a ghostly hotbed of terrifying tales and strange events.

Get ready to take a riveting ride through the seedy side of this incredible piece of the south. Where the wretched reign supreme and the stories are greater than fiction. You’ve experienced all of the charm, culinary delights, and gorgeous architecture that the city has to offer. Join Charleston Terrors to discover the unfortunate souls and sinful acts that helped forge the dark side of the Holy City.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 reasons to book the Charleston Terrors Ghost tour right now!


1) You want to learn more about a side of Charleston not taught in history books


Charleston might be one of the most hospitable cities in the U.S., but friendly smiles and sunshine can’t hide the fact that disturbing history can be found in every nook and cranny of the city’s otherwise charming streets. Odds are you’ve already studied up on historic sites like Fort Sumter, but do you know all about Charleston’s notoriously haunted past? 

Uncover the secrets of the F.W. Wagener building, named after one of Charleston’s most famous businessmen.  Everyone who works there reports the same similar, ghostly incidents and an inexplicable “chill” coming from the old offices on the upper floors.  Uncover the little-known history of this haunted location and more on a spine-tingling Charleston Terrors ghost tour.


2) You’ve already visited the classic Charleston destinations


During your trip to South Carolina, you’ve hit top tourist destinations including Fort Sumter, Rainbow Row, and the historic City Market. But no trip to the Holy City is complete without a deep dive into its haunted past. Join Charleston Terrors and experience the gritty underbelly of the Holy City. See the spine-tingling sites of murder, suicide, disease, piracy, and inexplicable mysteries — a history you won’t see written on a door sign — while still gaining an invaluable look at one of America’s most prolific cities.


3) You’re looking to put a spooky spin on date night


Make your next date one to remember with a tour from Charleston Terrors, and get the blood pumping as you and your significant other visit destinations such as Philadelphia Alley, one of the most haunted walkways in all of Charleston. Legend has it that a man died whilst dueling to win the love of his lover. But this ill-fated romance wasn’t meant to be, as he was fatally wounded and died of gangrene shortly after. Today, his ghost allegedly can still be seen and heard today, carelessly walking down the alley, whistling and very much in love…unknowing of the grim fate that awaits him.


4) You want to learn the local tales


You might just be visiting, but don’t you want to experience Charleston like a local? Embark on a spooky adventure and hear all of the well-known tales that have been passed down to Charleston residents for centuries, including the infamous hauntings of Poogan’s Porch Restaurant. Admittedly, the site is home to some not-so-scary history: rumor has it that the friendly spirit of Poogan — the owners’ West Highland Terrier — still greets passerbyers to this day with a friendly bark or a nuzzle, despite the fact that Poogan died in 1979. But don’t be deceived, because Poogan isn’t the only ghost who remains on the property. The vengeful spirit of Zoe, a schoolteacher, and former resident is said to flicker the lights and even scream at terrified employees, crying out for her long-dead sister, Elizabeth.


5) You want to experience Charleston at night


If you’re a night owl looking to see Charleston after hours in a truly unforgettable way, look no further. Many, if not all haunted locations across Charleston are particularly active after the sun goes down, making a tour with Charleston Terrors the perfect opportunity to take your friends out on a spooky nighttime adventure they’ll never forget. From the mysterious apparitions of Civil War soldiers that roam the grounds of Charleston’s Powder Magazine to the inexplicably dark energy that can be felt in Philadelphia Alley, the port city’s otherworldly inhabitants are more often than not, nocturnal.


6) You’re tired of binge-watching Netflix


You’ve always had a taste for the macabre, from horror movies to true crime documentaries. But have you ever indulged in your love for haunted history…in real life? Turn off your TV and see firsthand the legendary locations of your favorite shows during one of our curated one-hour tours. Walk the chilling streets of Charleston and see actual haunted sites like the Circular Congregational Church Graveyard, where the first tombstone dates all the way back to 1965. There, perhaps you’ll come face-to-face with a vengeful, ethereal spirit, who once reportedly screamed at a groundskeeper to “burn it to the ground” before vanishing into the night.

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