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Williamsburg’s Most Haunted

Williamsburg. Colonial. Historic. Haunted.

Follow along with us as we take a deep, dark look into the depths of the disturbing and macabre history of Williamsburg. A one-time capital of Virginia, its tragic and twisted past was also almost lost to time and history. As we attempt to shine a light into the darkest corners of its haunted and hidden history, we will also endeavor to reveal the details of the true and authentic stories that lie behind the historic events, the people who experienced them, and the unexplained hauntings and encounters that are tied to those experiences. Over four centuries of tragedy, war, disease, death, and other horrific events, some of the darkest hauntings in Virginia and even in the United States are still prevalent to this very day.

This series will bring you straight to the haunted and historic streets of Williamsburg and open a portal to the very heart of the iconic city. Footsteps will echo from the past into the future as you follow the tales chronicling the most haunted locations in this colonial capital going back more than four hundred years. Take an unflinching look through the eyes of the real ghosts of Williamsburg as their presence at Kimball Theater still haunts both actors and spectators in the very foundations of the building they’ve never left because they can never escape. Watch carefully as they attempt to pay their respects each night at their own graves at The Jones Cemetery where bullet holes aren’t the only deathly marks left behind. Hear in horror as they honor or dishonor the burial sites of the Powhatan Native Americans whose land was stolen away in the wake of bloody battles and misery of grisly wars.

Stories of hauntings and ghosts will be revealed in the very tombs and crypts beneath the College of William & Mary. They were once survivors of the Battle of Yorktown who came to horrific ends in tragic fires or on operating tables in makeshift campus hospitals. Beware of the spirits of fallen soldiers who continue to wander aimlessly around the Magazine and amputation pits near Merchant Square, constantly and futilely searching for a place of rest away from the unmarked graves their broken bodies were cast into by a man known only as The Head Devil. There will even be whispers of witches connected to the Virginia Witch Trials and worse…tales of dozens of unexplained deaths and hauntings at the most haunted house in Virginia – The Peyton Randolph House. This dark dwelling is a place where all who dared to enter, alive or dead, find it unbelievably difficult to leave, whether civilian, student, security guard, soldier, or ghost hunter.

History isn’t always pretty, but it is real and if you listen closely enough, it always speaks. If you dig deep enough, the truth is always eventually revealed. Are you sure you want to know what it is trying to say to you? If so…welcome to Williamsburg’s Most Haunted–a living history museum…and a ghost town of the restless dead.

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The Ludwell House

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Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall at the College of William and Mary

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Bassett Hall – History with the Rockefellers

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The Wren Building at The College of William & Mary

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Historical and Haunted Kimball Theatre

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The Peyton Randolph House and its Hauntings

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Ghosts of the Williamsburg Public Gaol

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Bruton Parish Church – Williamsburg’s Oldest and Most Haunted Building

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Williamsburg’s Public Hospital – America’s Oldest Mental Asylum

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