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Savannah’s Most Haunted

Even though many historians would argue that the United States has a history that is still pretty new in comparison with the centuries and even millennia of tragic events, wars, kings, queens, emperors, conquerors, intrigue, killing, terror–you name it–of other ancient regions of the planet, there is still plenty to focus on and delve deeper into in terms of American History. Some cities have so much unique, tragic, and unbelievable history and stories that they are said to be some of the most intensely haunted cities in the US and should be on America’s Most Haunted Cities list.

Haunted Savannah, Georgia, isn’t just one of the cities. It is THE city, according to many writers, researchers, haunted history enthusiasts, travel bloggers and more. There are plenty of reasons why The Hostess City’s dark, disturbing, and even tragic history might make it top of the list. You’ll have to dig deeper if you want to really know if Savannah should really be at the top hot spot of America’s Most Haunted Cities.

Savannah’s Most Haunted Places Part 3:  Haunted Restaurants, Pubs, Breweries, and Theaters

There is something about Savannah's most haunted places that draw people to it. Maybe the pleasant climate...

Columbia Square and Her Haunted Houses

James Oglethorpe's plan for the city of Savannah included a street grid, urban gardens, and green spaces. For the ...

The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House is one of Savannah's many taverns, but for over three hundred years, the bright pink mansion w...

The Spirits of River Street

River Street -- once Savannah's main hub of activity and trade, now the cracked cobblestone and historic b...

The Pirate’s House – Savannah

One of the oldest buildings in all of Savannah, The Pirate's House is just about 250 years old with a sketchy past...

Historical Hauntings and Spirits on Tap at Tondee’s Tavern

For ghost aficionados, there's no better place to be than Savannah, Georgia. Pretty much every building has a stor...

Spirits of the 17Hundred90 Inn

The 17Hundred90 Inn in Savannah, Georgia is a hotspot for ghost aficionados and foodies alike. With an extensive h...

Haunts at Calhoun Square

Savannah's got a reputation for ghosts -- pretty much everywhere you look in the Hostess City is reportedly haunte...

Haunts at Wright Square

One of four original squares laid out in Savannah's historic district, Wright Square has a dark past. Cradled by E...

Savannah’s Haunted Lucas Theatre

The Lucas Theatre attracts art lovers and theater aficionados from all around Savannah and the surrounding areas. ...

Haunted Fort McAllister

Most Americans know just how haunted the city of Savannah is. It was ground zero for battles during the Revolution...

Haunted Places in Savannah – Part Two

Why is Savannah considered one of America’s most haunted cities? While this may seem to be a rather complica...

Savannah’s Secret Burial Grounds

Savannah -- the Hostess City of the South, with Spanish moss hanging from ancient oaks and spirits from years past...

Haunted Tunnels of Savannah

Savannah is a classic space, a step back into the antebellum decades of the south, a window into lives of the past...

Haunted Battlefields of Savannah

Why is Savannah so haunted? That's one of the first questions to cross the minds of those learning about the Hoste...

Spirits of Lafayette Square

What is it about these quaint historic squares that charms us? Could it be the cobblestone paths leading to a welc...

Haunted Places in Savannah – Part One

When one thinks of Savannah, what is often conjured in the mind is horse-drawn carriages clomping along brick ...

Colonial Park Cemetery

Colonial Park Cemetery is one of Savannah's oldest and most haunted burying grounds. Built in 1750, the cemetery c...

Laurel Grove Cemetery

In 1853, Colonial Park Cemetery was full. Looking for other places to bury their dead, a new graveyard was commiss...

Factor’s Walk

Are you visiting Savannah and looking to check out all the boutique shops, art galleries, and restaurants? Factor'...

12 West Oglethorpe

Just around the corner from historic Wright Square lies a home at 12 West Oglethorpe that had sat abandoned for ne...

Haunted Davenport House

As one of the most important historic sites in all of Savannah's historic district, the Davenport House was one of...
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