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New Orleans’ Most Haunted

New Orleans, widely considered to be the most haunted city in the United States, has captivated the macabre minds of both believers and spiritual skeptics alike for generations. Other notable cities have tried to take this title with bravado, but New Orleans always seems to claim the crown. Savannah, GA and St. Augustine FL, often appear at the top of this ghastly ballot. Both have experienced massive amounts of death and long troublesome histories, St. Augustine being one of the oldest cities in the United States, and Savannah being burned down during the Civil War. They pale in comparison to the legacy that New Orleans has imprinted in the hearts and souls of the American Psyche.

The Crescent City, nestled away in the small dip that protrudes from the great river Mississippi, has experienced more death, hardship and violence than most American cities could withstand. Each building, bar, restaurant, cemetery, and church, inside and outside the French Quarter, holds horrific tales of murder, pestilence, violence, and desperation. The historic old streets of the city whisper the narrative of a metropolis with its back against the walls of a turmoiled society. The challenges of disease, crime, civil liberties, economics, and war paint the outlines of the sordid stories told to this day. The actions of its citizens and the ever-changing sands of time fill in the blank spaces. New Orleans Most Haunted recounts these horrific events in full detail and the otherworldly characters produced in the process.

Welcome to New Orleans Most Haunted

Population Unknown and Mostly Underground

Muriel’s: New Orleans’ Haunted Crown Jewel

A 200-year-old building is almost guaranteed to be haunted. Now imagine that the building in question was once burned do...

The Hilton Riverside and its Haunts

New Orleans is one of America's most vibrant cities -- a snapshot into the state's past. The city, as locals say, is ali...

Hauntings at Drury Plaza Hotel

Located only four blocks from the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, Drury Plaza Hotel has been a New Orleans centerpiec...

The Magnolia Mansion

A mansion that stands out from the yellows and mauve exteriors of its neighbors, the Magnolia Mansion is a stark white -...

The Haunted Omni Royal Orleans Hotel

One of the most highly regarded hotels in the Crescent City, the Omni Royal Orleans hotel attracts visitors from the wor...

Haunts at Hotel St. Pierre

The Hotel St. Pierre is nestled comfortably just two blocks from Bourbon Street in this historic French Quarter of New O...

Le Pavillon Phantoms

Nicknamed the Belle of New Orleans, Le Pavillon is located blocks away from the French Quarter and some of the most haun...

The Troubadour Hotel

The Troubadour Hotel is just as fabulous as its name sounds! A rooftop bar, elegant dining room, and gorgeous guest suit...

The Church of Our Lady Guadalupe

Nestled quietly away at the top of the French Quarter on N. Rampart street, The Our Lady Guadalupe Church seems to be ju...

St. Roch Cemetery and Chapel

One of the lesser visited cemeteries, The St. Roch Cemetery is one of the most unique “Cities of the Dead” in New Or...

Haunts at New Orleans’ Hotel Monteleone

When Antonio Monteleone ventured from Sicily to America at the turn of the century, he had no idea that he would end up ...

Haunts at the Beauregard-Keyes House in New Orleans

NOLA's most haunted, the mysteries of the Beauregard-Keyes House The Beauregard-Keyes House in New Orleans' French Quar...

Lafayette Cemetery #1

One of the most iconic and haunted cemeteries in The US --- Lafayette Cemetery #1 Have you ever scrolled, through Googl...

Girod Street Cemetery

At one time the largest domed stadium in the United States, The Superdome was built in 1975 for the city’s beloved New...

The Especially Haunted Andrew Jackson Hotel

Stand out on beautiful wrought-iron balconies of the Andrew Jackson Hotel as you look over bustling and lively Royal Str...

The Avenue Inn – A Haunted NOLA Bed and Breakfast

Ahh, the Avenue Inn. Thoughtfully designed in a Queen Anne architectural style, the Avenue Inn is set back comfortably f...

Metairie Cemetery

At the top of New Orleans, the largest cemetery of forty-three acres careens over the I-10 interstate. The grandiose pil...

The Devil Lived on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans

So, the story tells that sometime in the 1820s, the devil lived on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. Around 1840, legen...

St. Louis Cemetery #3

Built-in 1855, shortly after nearly 8,000 people died of Yellow Fever within three months, The St. Louis Cemetery #3, th...

St. Louis Cemetery #2

Built in 1823, St. Louis Cemetery #2 was built to extend the overflowing St. Louis Cemetery #1 and push the corpses of Y...

The Ever So Infamous and Haunted LaLaurie Mansion

The horrid tale of the LaLaurie Mansion begins quietly, with a whisper, and a woman named Delphine LaLaurie, also know...

St. Louis Cemetery #1

The St. Louis Cemetery #1, perhaps the most famous cemetery in all of America, lays nestled on Basin street between the ...

The Old Carrollton Jail

The neighborhood of Carrollton in New Orleans is vibrant and can be easily reached from the historic French Quarter by t...

Fleur de Lis Mansion and Her Haunts

Unlike any other bed and breakfast in New Orleans, the Fleur de Lis Mansion tells of history so unique. Located at 1216 ...

Ghosts of the Haunted Jean Lafitte House

Also known as the 'Pirate's House,' the Jean Lafitte House history starts with the infamous pirate himself, Jean Lafitte...

New Orleans Most Haunted: Part 2 Haunted Bars, Taverns, Pubs, and Clubs

Bonjour les voyageurs!  Founded in 1718 by French colonists, New Orleans is world-renowned for its distinctive music, ...

The St. Louis Cathedral

The St. Louis Cathedral, a standard sight in The French Quarter’s majestic skyline, acts as a graceful headstone for J...

The Very Haunted Villa Convento

What do you get when you mix Greek and Creole architecture, French Quarter flair, an Animals reference, a bordello past,...

Dauphine Orleans Hotel

The Dauphine Orleans Hotel is just a block from the world-famous Bourbon Street. As guests make their way back to their ...

St. Anthony’s Garden

Behind the St. Louis Cathedral is a small, patch of land. Unassumingly nestled between the corner of Orleans and Royal s...

Who’s Haunting the Luxurious Bourbon Orleans Hotel?

One look at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, and one can revel in the hefty dose of luxury and history it provides its guests....

A Cemetery Buried Beneath the French Quarter

New Orleans is known for many things, bourbon street, Jazz music, and creole gumbo. Many come to see the ornate cemeteri...

A Haunted New Orleans Gem – The Sultan’s Palace

The Sultan's Palace is one filled with legend and lore -- also known as the Gardette-LePretre House, its past tells of...

New Orleans Most Haunted: Part 1

New Orleans, the fabled city by the river. An often cantankerous metropolis filled to the brim with the curiously dereli...
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