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America’s Most Haunted Hospitals and Asylums

When someone says the word “hospital”, the meaning and images which come to mind depend on the person and the context. However, the word asylum usually sends us straight to images of “lunatics”, crazy people, lobotomies, diseases of the mind, and worse. In terms of haunted places, it doesn’t matter whether you refer to a hospital or asylum. What they have in common are tragedy, sadness, uncertainty, and even death. It’s just the way of life that as many lives have been bettered and saved, others have turned for the worse and many have ended in the long histories of hospitals and asylums in the United States.

All of this relates directly to haunted happenings and mysterious unexplained rumors, sightings, and hauntings that seem so prevalent at many of the most haunted hospitals and asylums throughout the country. Where there is tragedy, sadness, and death…ghosts and ghost stories usually follow. If you decide to open the door to the stories and whispers connected to these haunted places, just remember–it was your choice to enter. Welcome to America’s Most Huanted Hospitals and Asylums.

Torrance State Hospital

Located about 45 miles east of Pittsburgh, off an exit of Route 22, is the remnants of the haunted Torrance State Hospit...

St. Ignatius Hospital – A Legendary Spokane Haunt

Back when St. Ignatius Hospital was built, it was custom for them to be constructed only under religious order -- most h...

Molly Stark Sanatorium

Something about abandoned hospitals and asylums truly chills to the bone, the knowing of the lives lost and the illness ...

The Northern State Mental Hospital

In the early 1900s, Washington was home two mental health asylums and both of them were starting to reach capa...

Forest Haven Asylum

Many asylums like Forest Haven Asylum take on a feeling of death and malevolence once they start their decay p...

The Most Haunted and Terrifying Asylum in Utah: 49

Asylum 49’s history began in 1873 in Utah. Think gold rushes, miners left and right, summer heat and desert ...

Overbrook Asylum

Also known as the Essex County Hospital Center, Overbrook Asylum was a psychiatric hospital that used to stand at 1...

Essex Mountain Sanitarium

Take yourself back to 1826 in Verona, New Jersey. A new sanitarium is needed to house the city's population of ment...

Most Haunted Mental Hospitals in the US Part Two

An old Victorian decrepit cemetery, a dingy barely habitable house in the outskirts of town with the reclusive herm...

Bloomingdale Insane Asylum

A private hospital meant to care for the mentally-ill of the Manhattan region, Bloomingdale Insane Asylum was found...

Byberry Asylum – Hospital of Horrors

The Byberry Asylum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, practically tortured its patients with no consequences for e...

Most Haunted Mental Hospitals in the US Part One

An old Victorian decrepit cemetery, a dingy, barely habitable house in the outskirts of town with the reclusiv...

Topeka State Hospital

Topeka State Hospital, formerly known as the Topeka Insane Asylum is located in its namesake city, Topeka, Kansas. ...

Danvers State Hospital

The Danvers State Hospital, also known by the name Danvers State Lunatic Asylum is truly one of the most picturesqu...

Old Tooele Hospital

Old Tooele Hospital's history began in 1873 in Utah. Think gold rushes, miners left and right, summer heat and dese...

Haunted Alton State Hospital

Alton State Mental Hospital is one of history's only mental hospitals from the early 1900s that's still in ope...

Haunted Linda Vista Hospital

Meaning 'beautiful view,' the Linda Vista Hospital is a former medical center located in Los Angeles, California. T...

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is one whose name rings more than a few bells. Well known in the ghost hunting communi...

Pennhurst Asylum

Pennhurst Asylum was once known as the Pennhurst State School, or the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for th...

Rolling Hills Asylum

Before it was the Rolling Hills Asylum, it was the Genesee County Poor Farm, often called 'The Old County Home.' A ...

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

  The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, also known as the Weston State Hospital, was a Kirkbride style psych...

The Athens Lunatic Asylum

The Athens Lunatic Asylum, now a development known as The Ridges, was a mental hospital in Athens, Ohio. It was in ope...

Royal Hope Hospital

One of the oldest hospitals in Florida, The Royal Hope Hospital in St. Augustine has been an integral part of Florida'...
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