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Welcome To Cape May's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

America’s oldest seaside resort harbors over two centuries of deadly secrets lurking beneath the surface. Uncover them tonight on a chilling Cape May ghost tour.

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Venture with Cape May Ghosts to discover the truth behind the Victorian homes and historic buildings that harbor a darkness from an unfathomable time. Learn about the horror movie-type traditions that forever trapped a city of unsuspecting souls.

Cape May Continental Ghost Tour

All tours meet at Congress Hall, 200 Congress Pl, Cape May, NJ
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Cape May

Welcome to Cape May Continental Ghosts

You’re about to enter a world that brings your fears to life. Resurrected from the ashes of a great fire, the homes that comprise Cape May once housed the tortured cries for lost loved ones and the bodies themselves. Experience the chills that emanate from Cape May’s most haunted locations on this spine-tingling ghost tour with Cape May Ghosts.


Hotel For Eternals


Known as “The Nation’s Oldest Seashore Resort,” Cape May boasts beautiful beaches and boardwalks that not only keep tourists coming back year after year but keep the souls of residents and visitors past tethered to the city. One such location is so popular that phantom visitors from around Cape May continue to visit.


Cape May Ghosts invites you to Congress Hall, a hotel that has been host to four US Presidents and now hosts the spirits of a bygone era. Learn why the ghosts of unlucky visitors who drowned nearby now call this hotel their eternal home. Find out how one sorrowful spirit brings traces of his watery grave with him on an unfiltered Cape May ghost tour.


What Will I See?


Visit Cape May’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Hotel Macomber – This historic beachfront hotel’s original innkeeper was so dedicated to her job that she can still be found here over a century later. At least she has company, sharing the hotel with the ghost of a loved one.


  • The Southern Mansion – Local legend says some pretty wild prohibition-era parties happened in this stately summer cottage. The original owner’s niece keeps the party alive despite being dead for decades.


  • The Inn of Cape May – This iconic beachfront inn has been haunted since the year it opened when a double drowning resulted in its first three ghostly residents.


A Most Haunted Street


Cape May’s oldest street is also one of its most otherworldly. From stories of the spirits of former owners to intriguing tales of time travel, nearly every home on Jackson Street comes with its own bone-chilling secret. 


Join Cape May Ghosts to uncover the dark secrets hidden within the walls of these haunted houses. Learn which inn’s guests sometimes find an unexpected person sitting on their bed and where you might encounter the same spirits that spooked Tina Fey’s family.


Be sure to look closely at the John McConnel house as you pass; you may join the ranks of those who have caught a glimpse of a former resident gliding out the door. Experts believe an eerie force is at work on this historical, haunted street. Join Cape May Ghosts to decide for yourself.


Seaside Spectres 


In Cape May, even the most luxurious of buildings harbor a gruesome backstory, and the Inn of Cape May is no exception. Accidents are not uncommon at the beach, but one in particular left three spirits trapped in this beautiful resort on a nightmarish loop. 


Uncover the devastating tragedy that claimed the lives of two innocent children and resulted in a woman taking her own. The legend of the “Lady in Blue” is alive and well in this beachside paradise, as you’ll hear accounts of her sightings at the infamously haunted inn. And she’s not alone. 


Learn where the children find comfort in the hotel and why their lighthearted presence still sends chills down the spines of those who see them all on this thrilling ghost tour with Cape May Ghosts.


Why is Cape May so Haunted?


Summer House of Horror


Originally designed for an elite Philadelphia family to host lavish parties, this Victorian home still has at least two former owners making themselves right at home. Cape May Ghosts takes you to a hotel that’s so haunted that the ghost-hunting experts from Ghost Adventures decided it deserved a double-length episode. 


Which spirit makes their presence known via their favorite perfume? And which unruly spirit caused such a ruckus in the home that the famed ghost-hunting team made it the subject of a one-hour special? Venture on our Cape May ghost tour to the renowned Southern Mansion and experience the chills that made this home a ghostly reality show superstar.


Cape May’s Most Chilling Corner


How many haunted houses can you fit on one street corner? Once known as a place to get into a bit of trouble, Columbia Avenue is packed with historic houses with scandalous pasts. There are dozens of ghosts lurking near this historic corner, at least one of which isn’t even human.


Discover the role one house played in a horrific murder and why the ghost of a former brothel worker is holding a grudge against female guests who dare to trespass in her hallway. From the pharmacy where one of the city’s most respected citizens dropped dead to the ghost of a local entrepreneur now obsessed with kitchen appliances, Columbia Avenue’s ghost stories are filled with surprises. 


What’s so Special About the Cape May Ghosts Tour?


See A Different Side of Cape May’s Oldest Original Hotel


Civil War hero Henry Sawyer saved lives by spotting the city’s most devastating fire from the top of the Chalfonte Hotel. Old habits die hard, even for the dead, and those on the street below the hotel still report the spine-tingling sensation of being watched.


Hear about the terrifying encounters hotel guests have shared, from waking up in unexpected places to being shaken awake in truly terrifying ways. The Chalfonte is known for being Cape May’s oldest original hotel, but not necessarily for the promise of a good night of sleep. 


A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Meet the Ghostly Guests of Hotel Macomber


What if you could visit your favorite vacation destination forever? That’s what one spectral guest did after her death, continuously returning to her favorite room. If you feel chills watching the pale woman walk towards the beach outside the Hotel Macomber at night, it’s for good reason. You’re watching her replay her final dip in the ocean before her life comes to a startling end. 


While the innkeeper’s story might be the inn’s most chilling, one of its other ghosts has become a favorite with visitors and staff alike. You wouldn’t mind sharing a room with her, would you? You may never see her, but you may hear her in the middle of the night. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


There’s no better way to discover Cape May’s incredible history than visiting its most historic and haunted sites. Explore the city with a local guide who brings the spine-tingling stories of Cape May’s dearly departed to life right where they took place. This seaside resort is overflowing with tormented spirits, from city founders to ill-fated vacationers. 


Are you ready to meet them? Book your Cape May ghost tour with Cape May Ghosts tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You like your history with a twist


Learning a place’s history always makes your visit more interesting, but all those names and dates can get dull. Leave the guidebooks behind for a thrilling tour packed with unforgettable stories that will leave you with a wealth of local knowledge and terrifying tales to tell your friends back home. 


2) It’s your first time in Cape May


You’ve just arrived, and you’re ready to see what all of the hype is about. Why is this place so popular? Why do people keep coming back year after year? (Or, in the case of some of the ghosts, never leave?) Learn what makes this town so special on a fun night out with an entertaining guide.


3) You’re pretty sure your hotel is haunted


While we don’t visit every haunted hotel in Cape May on this tour (that would take all night!), you’ll discover the chilling stories behind quite a few. You’ll walk away knowing if your choice of accommodations is haunted by a salty old sailor or a widow watching the sea for her lost love.


4) You’re not sure if you believe in ghosts


We can’t promise you’ll catch a ghost photo on your tour (although many of our guests have captured some very spooky things in their photos!), but we’ve seen plenty of skeptics become believers in under an hour! Either way, you’ll have a great time exploring the city and hearing true stories of its darkest secrets. 


5) You saw the city on ghost-hunting shows and want to learn more


Cape May has been featured on almost all of the big-name ghost shows, from Ghost Adventures to Haunted Towns. Join a ghost tour to learn the full story behind the ghosts those investigators encountered, plus plenty of other haunted locations that haven’t been shown on TV…yet!

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