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Welcome To Boston's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Treason and war sparked the fires of a revolution.  Learn the truth behind Boston’s gruesome history on a bone-chilling Boston Ghosts tour.

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Uncover the shocking stories about Beantown’s tragic past forged from the terrors it endured. Watch its tormented history come alive with sinister tales of specters still haunting the Cradle of Liberty.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Boston Ghosts

Looking to book a hauntingly fun ghost tour in Boston? You’re in the right spot to unlock the ghostly secrets of Boston’s past.

Boston Ghosts Boos and Brews Haunted Pub Crawl

Try the new Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for some genuine scares, spirits, and spirits in Boston.

In Cold Blood: Boston True Crime Experience

Join this True Crime tour to get a glimpse of Boston's dark side as we reveal thrilling accounts of its notorious criminals and the crimes they committed in cold blood.

Rockstars of the Revolution: Blazing the Boston Freedom Trail

The Boston Freedom Trail is a journey through time, a chance to experience for yourself the sights, sounds, and stories of America's fight for independence.

Untold Stories of the Wonder Women of Boston

Join this unique tour of Boston and learn about its famous history from a different perspective: the stories of the strong women who became its unsung heroines!


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Boston

Welcome to Boston Ghosts


History and Horror Come to Life


 The independence of America started on the streets of Boston on a cold, snowy day in 1770, with a riot that transformed into the Boston Massacre. Beantown is a city that has been at the eye of the storm since its inception, inspiring some of our biggest uprisings, each one costing it dearly in blood, lives, and souls scarred forever.  Boston Ghosts will reveal the true stories behind the sacrifices that forged a nation and the pain that created a city of lost souls that have haunted its streets and residents for centuries.


Boston is an old city that has one foot in the present and another deeply embedded in the past. It is a past full of dark deeds and a darker history where ghosts of old yearn to make contact. In a city where rebels, Quakers, and the innocent were routinely hanged, Beantown’s oldest park, the famous Boston Common, was once a public killing arena. Hundreds were executed, some unjustly, and some were just caught up in the madness of the mob.


Visit this colonial city that houses the dead and travel to some of the most haunted places in New England.  You’ve read about Paul Revere’s ride, the infamous Tea Party, and even about the legendary minuteman, but to really experience the truly terrifying spirits that roam the haunted streets of Boston on a nightly basis, you’ll have to join Boston Ghosts on a thrilling ghost tour.  Unearth the stories of the final resting place of some of history’s most famous figures, from Sam Adams and John Hancock to Paul Revere.  You’ll even discover the graves of infants and encounter the lost souls of over 400 children at the Old Granary Burial Ground deep in the heart of Boston.


For an adventure filled with bloody tales, frightening ghostly encounters, and horrific accounts of true events that will make you think you’re hallucinating, sign up for a ghost tour tonight.


Regiments of Restless Revolutionary Souls


The Revolutionary War comes to life when the sun sets and the City Of Champions makes way for ghosts, superstitions, and the bizarre events that have been part of Boston’s history since its inception. The city, today known for its iconic marathon, world-famous craft beers, and legendary stadium Fenway Park, has forever been deeply entrenched in the mystery of the unexplained and a belief in the presence of the otherworldly. As you adventure through the forsaken streets of Beantown, dive deep into the strange stories and cruel fates the history books always seem to gloss over.


“The Hub of The Universe,” as Oliver Wendell Holmes defined Boston, has seen unending bloodshed over its centuries-old history. The countless communities that called it home, even before it was part of New England, witnessed bouts of indigenous hysteria, unrelenting Puritan persecution, and unending volleys of bullets during the Revolutionary War. Boston has always had a fiery heart that inspired rebels and revolutions, but it’s also faced more than its share of heartache and destruction as it gave way to looting by Pirates and endured a ghastly history its citizens haven’t always been proud of.


Uncover the haunted history of one of the oldest cities in the United States. Discover the tragedy of the Boston Common. Open the lurid volumes of criminal confessions bound in the skin of their murderous authors at the Boston Athenaeum. Come face to face with the spooks that roam the abandoned grounds of Province House.


Haunted Hotels and the Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future


The list of haunted parks, commons, and burial grounds goes on in the city that sparked the American Revolution.  Even more terrifying are its haunted and historic hotels, some as old as the city, which were built on ancient powerful sites still rife with all manner of apparitions. Visit the Omni Park Hotel, the oldest standing continuously operating hotel in the country. Although it was a favorite of Charles Dickens who liked to stay the night, it was the hotel’s founder who decided to never leave. Hear even more chilling details and find out what the continuously occupied and haunted room on the third floor always smells like no matter how many times it’s cleaned.


Walk through the streets that once served as paving for our forefathers and hear about the human monsters and devils that frightened them. Venture down the historic avenues that gave birth to  and feel something more than just the coastal wind slide against your skin.


Why is Boston So Haunted?


When America decided to revolt, it was Boston that shouted first and kicked its meek and spooked brethren, the other colonies, into the fray. It was on Boston’s grounds that the Tea Party would set the world aflame and it was on these streets that a brave man rode his horse like the devil and cried. “The British are coming!” Boston is one of America’s most haunted places, not only because of its incredibly fascinating and terrifying history–one drenched in blood and guts–but because the place that has the power to birth a nation also has the power to create something sinister and deadly that never truly fades away.


Boston is one of the world’s most haunted cities because it deserves that honor. The Cradle of Liberty, the instigator of our freedom and the American Revolution, is where the Yankee spirit was born. It’s where the Nation’s spirit perpetually trudges on, along with the ghosts of the fallen, the old, and the brave–dead and undead–who all come to congregate nightly.


What’s so special about the Boston Ghost tour?


A Once-in-a-lifetime experience — An adventure you’ll cherish ‘till the end.


Our Boston Ghosts Tour is a jaw-dropping escape — One whose sole objective is to stir our creative juices and set alight our imagination. A frightful trip into the darkened alcoves of this maddening Massachusetts coastal town starts with a fun-filled tour meant to unearth some of the atrocities, heroics, and wraiths that Beantown still hides. On these olden streets, past some of Olden Town’s most iconic downtown locations, and ending in the city’s ghostly hot spots, the shrieks of the dead will demand your attention. On the Boston Ghosts tour, you will hear the stories that made this city into what it is and allowed its spirit to inspire the Colonies to revolt against a King and an empire.


See a different side of a Historic destination


Come with expert local guides to travel through moonlit avenues, stand beneath the statues of our forefathers, and photograph historic buildings and places — many featured in some of this nation’s most beloved films. You will hear, see, and experience something unique, unforgettable, and otherworldly. Encounter the specters and phantoms, some of whom were even buried alive, at the row of dead that line Kings’ Chapels attached burial ground.


Each stop has its own magic. Each one detonates with ghostly fire and the ricochet of the otherworldly for a singular and eye-opening foray you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Get ready to feel your skin crawl and for a bout of sleepless nights.


Be Part of A Growing Community


Journey with Boston Ghosts through its tormented and haunted history — a past laid bare at every site. Explore the northeast region of America that is deeply embedded in this nation’s identity. Book this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and be part of a growing community of investigators of the afterlife and of those who hunt ghosts.


If you’d like to walk the haunted streets of Boston and see this Titletown under a new light, book your tour with US Ghost Adventures today.


Experience the unexplained — many of our guests bear witness to the unknown. Become one of them tonight.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *


1:  You Want to Immerse Yourself In The Close Quarter Combat of Boston’s Revolutionary past

Aide-de-camps once walked the streets of Boston. Barricades, lined with bayonets, divided the city. The cavalry rode on horseback through Boston’s outskirts and projectiles and mortar fire rained like holy Hell on its rebel forces.


2: You Already went to Fenway Park

Boston has been the home of the Red Sox since 1912 and has the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball history. You’ve probably already gone to the stadiums, and taken a picture close to Pesky’s Pole and the Green Monster, now, you need something more. You need less ESPN and more Stephen King.


3: View The Freedom Trail In a different light…at night

There are many significant historic locations along Boston’s iconic Freedom Trail. Multiple landmarks, churches, cemeteries, statehouses, schools, pubs, and even the breathtaking USS Constitution ship docked in Boston Harbor. You’ve heard the stories, the guides and placards have drilled in, now listen to the B-side. Learn of the scandals, the controversies, the black deeds, and the ghosts that still linger across Boston’s sacred trail.


4: Clam-chowder — You’ve had enough.

Maine lobster rolls, mouthwatering clam chowders, raw sea urchins, smoldering smoked octopus sashimi, Molasses baked beans – after all it’s called Beantown for a reason – and that exquisite Yankee pot roast that you can’t stop dreaming about. Each mouthwatering, each succulent, each mana from the Gods. Oh, and don’t get us started on Boston cream pie. Delicious! You’ve had them all, and now, you’re getting your “just desserts” in the form of packing on too many pounds. Well, there’s good news. Aside from Beantown, Boston has another nickname “America’s Walking City.” The latter is because it has the seven largest percentage of pedestrian commuters of any city in the US. What better way to get in shape than a good-old fashion walking tour?


5: You need something more exciting than just great architecture

Boston is home to incredible architecture. There’s no denying that fact. Full of great Victorian Homes across Beacon Hill and Back Bay. A statehouse decked in Georgian style. Brimming with historic landmarks that preserve Colonial sensibilities. There are even controversial and brutalist buildings such as City Hall that have been incredibly divisive — protests even calling for its demolition. Boston is a city of traditional and contemporary styles. A place where an aficionado can have a field day. Yet, for some, it becomes too much. Sure it might be great to know that it is the origin place of Federal Architecture, but maybe that’s not your cup of tea.


6: You want to experience the Hub of the America


“Boston is actually the capital of the world. You didn’t know that? We breed smart-ass, quippy, funny people.” — John Krasinski


Not just Jim from The Office but most people that have walked through Boston call it“The Hub” as in “The Hub of the America.” Luminaries like Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr, physicians, poet, and polymath have named this city their home. They have been inspired by it to write such quotable lines as, “That’s all I claim for Boston – that it is the thinking center of the continent, and therefore of the planet.” There’s a reason for it. There’s a reason for that sorcery, for that spellbinding quality. There’s also a reason it’s at the center of a different kind of world– the capital of the otherworldly and the dead. Come and discover what makes Boston such a noteworthy, haunted town.

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