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Welcome To Birmingham's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

A dark energy brews in The Magic City, where souls of the oppressed fight for their place amongst the living, unveiling the horrors they endured through spine-chilling hauntings.

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Ghosts of Birmingham’s unspeakable past have yet to find peace, refusing to be lost to history. Join Birmingham Ghosts to uncover the unfathomable tragedies that opened a portal to the other side and forced the living to coexist with the dead.

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Birmingham Ghosts

All tours meet at Linn Park, 20th Street North, Birmingham, AL
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Birmingham

Welcome to Birmingham Ghosts

Home to the nation’s first Veteran’s Day Celebration, the city that was saved by madam has a plethora of sinful secrets just waiting to be unearthed. Hear the disturbing details of a nation divided and the sins committed against man that come back nightly, terrifying the living. 


Mass Producing Evil


Like many Southern towns, Birmingham beams with pride from its hometown achievements. The city is home to one of college football’s biggest rivalries and made history when it established the nationwide recognized Veteran’s Day. Today, the city has plenty to celebrate. But the festivals and fireworks can’t distract from an unforgiving past that resurrects itself in the shadows, exposing the darkness that Birmingham was built on.


The wicked once reigned supreme in the city’s early days, causing fear and unrest in many of the locals. As you walk with Birmingham Ghosts, you’ll learn about one of the city’s most infamous legends that continues to produce the most terrifying hauntings in the city. The otherworldly renowned Sloss Furnace resides in Birmingham, along with the angered spirit of its demented past.


Hear the disturbing details of working conditions under the tyrannical boss, Slag. It’s said that 47 workers lost their lives under his reign until Slag met his karma and was killed after falling into a pool of melted iron ore. Then the real terror began. For years, former workers and supervisors reported being pushed, with three supervisors being knocked unconscious and finding themselves locked in the small boiler room. 


The spine-chilling encounter with a creature that appeared to be half human, half demon, and various accounts of unexplained activity, including steam whistles blowing on their own, have made this a hotspot for paranormal investigators. Many have dubbed the Sloss Furnaces one of the most active places they’ve ever investigated, with several investigators violently attacked by an unseen force. 


And it appears as though the evil that resides in the Sloss Furnaces may be too powerful to contain. Tonight, you’ll visit sites that are tainted by an impenetrable darkness spawned from an unforgiving past and the restless spirits bred from it. Welcome to Birmingham Ghosts.


What Will I See?


Visit Birmingham’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Redmont Hotel – The city’s oldest hotel still in use, The Redmont Hotel has garnered quite a haunted reputation. The building is said to be inhabited by various entities, including one of the former owners. But its most famous ghost is said to be that of none other than Hank Williams, SR.


  • Linn Park – On the outside, this is a lovely park ideal for nice strolls and letting the kids run around. On the inside, stories abound of unspeakable tragedy, including Birmingham’s first documented lynchings. The park is now home to a slew of residual hauntings, reminding locals of its tortured past.


  • Clark Building – A staple of downtown Birmingham, the Clark Building has been in operation since 1908. For a short period, it fell into disarray and became home to unsavory characters. Some of the shadows seen in the building are believed to be those who perished in the building, as well as the two Clark children who were murdered in the home.


Hotel For Final Stops 


Downtown Birmingham is filled with historical buildings renovated and preserved to maintain the classic beauty of the area. The Redmont Hotel is one such building that has gone through its fair share of makeovers. But at this hotel, one thing remains the same: the spirits that are doomed to forever call this place home.


Unveil the mystical side of Birmingham’s oldest-running hotel, and uncover the eerie background of a building that seems to trap the souls of those who perish in it. The hotel has been host to several odd and deadly events, including the 1934 shooting of a robber on the eighth floor. 


Today, guests continue to report unexplained activity in the form of sheets being pulled off their beds, the terrifying sight of doors opening and closing, and luggage creepily being moved on its own. The disembodied voice of a woman has also been reported whispering in guests’ ears.


Among the various spirits that are said to spook guests are former owner Clifford Stiles and its most famous, Hank Williams, SR. The famed singer spent his last night alive at The Redmont, with some believing he may have actually passed away in the hotel. Country-style guitar music can be heard with no known origin, and several guests have claimed to see a shadowy figure of a man wearing a Stetson cowboy hat. 


The spectral star sighting is both intriguing and unnerving, and it’s one of many frightening experiences you’ll discover on your ghost tour of Birmingham.


Athenaeums For The Afterlife 


There are various places in Birmingham to get a firsthand look at the city’s history, both the monumental side and the more unpleasant events. Two of these locations not only allow you to research the city’s more primitive and disturbing years, but you might get to experience some of the poltergeists spawned from those brutal times.


The Linn-Henley Research Library is home to an assortment of art, artifacts, and periodicals that are a piece of the past the building holds. The other piece can be found in the form of hair-raising hauntings that continue to frighten witnesses. Hear the chilling accounts of the invisible presence that frequents the old elevator, exiting on the third floor accompanied by cigarette smoke to leave its mark. 


One worker actually came face-to-face with the mysterious figure, describing the spine-chilling apparition as the shape of a man without substance. Staff members believe it was the former library director who passed away unexpectedly and continued his job at the library in the afterlife. Of course, this isn’t the only haunted library in the city, as you’ll discover on your ghost tour of Birmingham.


Learn all about the Homewood Library, a building that was once used as a church which was built on a Native American burial ground. Strange and eerie noises have been reported for years as well as books inexplicably falling off the shelves. The creepy sight of doors opening and closing on their own is common, and the unnerving sound of disembodied voices can all be experienced at the Homewood Library. Should you venture to either of these for some reading or a study session, be aware that peace and quiet are something you may not find.


Why is Birmingham so Haunted?


Smoke Signals of Death


When death is untimely and in a brutal fashion, spirits tend to cling to the item or place associated with it. Birmingham Ghosts takes you to the Tutwiler Hotel, a hotel established in 1914 that was known for its smoke-consuming device that released large clouds of smoke. Though, many believe the clouds were an ominous sign of something nefarious.


The hotel hosted several famous figures, including Babe Ruth and Vice President Hubert Humphrey, but acclaimed novelist Jack Bethea would forever leave his morbid mark, hanging himself in his hotel room in 1928. The Tutwiler would eventually move to the location you’ll visit with Birmingham Ghosts, but the spirits of these darker times would follow.


This infamously haunted hotel is inhabited by various spirits, the most famous being members of the Tutwiler family. Colonel Edward Tutwiler is said to frequent the sixth floor, with Room 604 being his most visited, knocking on the door from beyond and terrifying guests. Julia Tutwiler is said to still roam the halls, vanishing before anyone can reach her. Then, there are the haunted rooms. 


Birmingham Ghosts introduces otherworldly enthusiasts to Room 416, where an elderly woman’s apparition once caused such fear that the guest who saw her refused to go back in the room for his luggage. Rooms 613 and 615 are said to contain the most heart-stopping unexplained activity. Guests have reported the creepy sounds of a child’s laugh, and some have even seen a little girl skipping down the hallway before disappearing. Paranormal investigators have confirmed a little girl resides in the hotel. But who is she? Join Birmingham Ghosts to find out.


Why Birmingham’s Past Continues to Be Resurrected 


The land that Birmingham sits on was once the site of constant turmoil, wicked acts, and tragedy. And Linn Park was subjected to much of this strife. Tonight, experience the heavy, dark energy that emanates from the park, created from years of horror. It all began with the removal of Native Americans from their own land, an act that would initiate the heartbreaking Trail of Tears.


In 1883, the park would be the site of the first documented lynching of a man accused of a crime he’d yet to be convicted of. This act would be considered a hate crime and would not be the only one. So it’s no surprise that those who met a gruesome and unjust end are still tied to this forsaken land. 


Lift the veil that hides the truth about Linn Park, and uncover the apparitions that refuse to be forgotten. It’s said that the spirits of Native Americans can be seen swiftly moving through the park, remaining in the place they once called home. Some believe that the blurry figures that leave cold spots in their wake are those of the wrongly accused, reliving their unsuccessful escape from the lynch mobs that frequented the area. And Linn Park isn’t the only park in Birmingham with a sordid history. 


Join us for a ghost tour of Birmingham, where you’ll hear about the horrific murders of a mother and her two daughters that resulted in the hauntings of East Lake Park. It’s said that the spirit of one of the girls, May Hawes, can be seen gliding across the water, searching for her mother and sister. The activity is so profound that visitors frequent the area on Halloween, attempting to help the little girl find peace – all to no avail. 


What’s So Special About a Birmingham Ghosts Tour?


See a Different, Darker Side of The Magic City 


Though Birmingham has made tremendous strides in the progression of the country and has been the launching pad for change, the road to achieving this status is paved with the blood of those who succumbed to the more deadly, unjust times. Even the most innocent-looking of buildings have disturbing backstories and the spine-chilling haunts that accompany those tales.


Birmingham Ghosts takes you to Jim Reed Books and the Museum of Fond Memories, where you’ll learn about the axe murders that plagued this very area in the early 1900s. Nearly 20 people were hacked to death on the very grounds you’ll stand on. Keep your ears open as you may hear the eerie sounds of the victims crying out for help. 


Once Unique Experience You’ll Cherish Forever 


The museums and monuments have to be experienced when visiting The Magic City. But they only tell a fraction of the city’s intriguing and nefarious history. Make memories that will last forever and possibly haunt your dreams with a ghost tour of Birmingham from Birmingham Ghosts.


Our expert tour guides will take you to the Clark Building, where you’ll uncover the urban legend that’s produced real-life hauntings. Hear the unspeakable details of the murder of the Clark boys by their own mother, who then killed herself in this very building. As you learn the grisly details, be sure to look up, as people have reported seeing the two boys staring out of the second-story window.


Join a Growing Ghostly Community 


What is it about things that go bump in the night that has us so intrigued? America’s fascination with the otherworldly is one that continues to grow, and as it does, so do the discoveries of who, or what, inhabits some of the nation’s most haunted homes and buildings. Tonight, Birmingham Ghosts introduces you to the very sites that make the city the haunted haven it is today.


Hear all about Birmingham’s most entity-infested sites, including the Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens. The site was once home to unimaginable suffering during a time of oppression and is now home to residual hauntings that tell the tale of that brutal and disturbing time.


Join a group eager to uncover the macabre and peek behind the veil that attempts to hide Birmingham’s unsavory past. The stories you’ll hear are not for the faint of heart, and they will definitely quench your thirst to discover the unknown and the unexplained. Welcome to Birmingham Ghosts.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

5 Reasons to Book Your Birmingham Ghosts Tour Right Now!


1) You want a fun way to walk off the Fried Green Tomatoes that inspired the hit classic


It’s true! The Irondale Cafe in Birmingham was used as inspiration for the book Fried Green Tomatoes, which went on to become a film that turned into a cult classic. If you’re a fan of the book, the film, or both (who isn’t?!) and you’re visiting the city for a famous Fried Green Tomatoes, take in a ghost tour that introduces you to the infamous side of the city. Walk off your classic meal with Birmingham Ghosts and discover the more macabre stories of the city.


2) You’re here for the Veteran’s Day Celebration and want to hear more about the city’s history, including the creepy side


It may not be a well-known fact, but Birmingham is actually home to America’s first Veteran’s Day celebration and is to thank for the nation’s recognition of it today. History buffs are known to visit in November to take part in this renowned affair, but there’s much more history to Birmingham that many may not know about. And this history goes a little deeper as it offers a peak into the afterlife. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn every bit of Birmingham history as you can – even the haunted history.


3) You want to keep the adrenaline going after that nail-biter of a football game


If there’s one well-known fact about the South, it’s their intense passion for football. Nothing gets between a fan and their beloved football team, particularly when they’re in the midst of The Magic Classic. Whether you’re riding the high of your favorite team’s win or you need to blow off some steam from their loss, a ghost tour of Birmingham with Birmingham Ghosts is just what you need. The thrills and chills of true and unnerving ghost stories can keep your adrenaline going, while the potential sighting of a creepy apparition can make you forget all about that brutal loss. Either way, our ghost tour is a great way to end that nail-biter of a night.


4) You don’t believe in ghosts


So you don’t believe in ghosts. That’s OK! We don’t want to convince you either way, but we have to be honest – the stories you’ll hear and the unexplained activity you just may experience might make you a believer at the end of the night. Walk with Birmingham Ghosts and prepare to have your mind blown by sites that have been subject to such dark and terrifying energy that paranormal investigators from all over the nation have been brought in to find out what inhabits them. The unexplained activity that has been captured is enough to turn even the biggest skeptic into a believer – and you might just become one tonight.


5) It’s your turn to plan the company outing


So, it’s your turn to plan the company outing, but you want to break away from the same old outing that gets planned every year. Build camaraderie in a new way and book a ghost tour with Birmingham Ghosts! Our ghost tour offers a little something for everyone. From terrifying tales for those who are all about the scares to research-based facts about the city’s history for the scholars, you’ll hear it all with Birmingham Ghosts. Plus, you know what they say, the team that scares together thrives together!

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