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Welcome To Beaufort's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Beaufort’s dark past hides behind a bloody illusion of grace and beauty. Discover what washed up along the deadly coast of Carolina and remains behind the city’s dark corridors.

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Join Beaufort Ghosts through one of America’s earliest settlements, teeming with the lifeless casualties of two wars, where long-dead pirates appear out of the mist of the coastline. Reveal the terrors waiting above and below on a haunted ghost tour of Beaufort.

Beaufort Ghosts

All tours meet at Panini's On The Waterfront, 926 Bay St, Beaufort, SC
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Beaufort

Welcome to Beaufort Ghosts

Brave the unknown with Beaufort Ghosts as we take you to the eerie ruined dreams of the city’s oldest citizens. Shrouded in darkness, regret, and loss, their homes and gardens double as a portal to the other side.  


Graveyard of The Atlantic


A strange fog blowing in from the dangerous Graveyard of the Atlantic has terrified unlucky onlookers in Beaufort for decades. Entangled in this mess, the apparition of the Le Prince often disappears as soon as it appears. Dead men tell no tales, but locals have spotted a phantom terror off the shores of Port Royal ever since the 16th century. 


A great mystery remains from the days of Sana Elenna, the Spanish Capitol of North America. Journey with Beaufort Ghosts to the sea’s edge, along the city’s malignant waterfront, whose shifting sand bars have ship-wrecked countess ill-fated vessels. Their souls return to shore in an awful tidal wave of misery and despair that strikes fear in even the bravest sailor. 


Beaufort Ghosts invites you to learn about the villainous pirates that plagued the Carolina coast. Where did the legendary Blackbeard and his iconic ship Queen Anne’s Revenge meet their demise? What treasures and spirits lay off the coast of Port Royal? Wander out into the night and hear these twisted tales of woe on a hair-raising ghost tour of Beaufort. 


What Will I See?


Visit Beaufort’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • The Castle – This sprawling 1859 Antebellum mansion was used as a Union hospital and headquarters during the Civil War. After the owners returned and repurchased their land, they noticed a strange fog hovering over the garden. Its most active ghost is a 16th-century dwarf jester whose death remains a mystery. Often rude to guests, he does enjoy a good cup of tea from time to time. 


  • Graveyard of the Atlantic –  An expansive, 180-mile stretch of coastal waters full of shifting sandbars, dangerous shoals, and strong currents. The ten barrier islands that make up the Graveyard of the Atlantic have led hundreds of ships to a watery grave. Now, phantom ships appear in mysterious fogs off the coastline, and wondrous treasures lie at the bottom of the ocean.

  • John Mark Verdier House –  Built by a wealthy planter, the historic John Mark Verdier House is haunted by the son of its original owner. Gunned down in a duel that he had no intention of winning, John Mark Verdier Jr. now brings an oppressive sadness to the room where he passed away. 


The Art of War


Beaufort is no stranger to tragedy and misfortune. The horrors of the Civil War plagued the prosperous Southern city and left countless souls to ramble through the relics left behind by its destruction. The Castle is the most haunted location in Beaufort and is filled with lost souls searching for redemption from America’s greatest conflict. 


Look towards the grounds of this monstrosity that was once overcome with human agony and wretched suffering. You may see the apparitions and shadow figures that began appearing when the Johnson family moved back in after the war. They have continued to perplex and intimidate visitors to the house as they yearn to be with the living. 


But these ghouls pale in comparison to Gauche, the city’s most famous and intriguing spirit. His death remains a mystery, either by impalement, hanging, or more tortuous methods, but his deeds in the afterlife are almost as clear as day. Learn who the 16th-century dwarf jester really was and why he is devilishly rude to anyone who tries to communicate with him with Beaufort Ghosts on a ghost tour full of chills and thrills.


Challenges of Honor In The Afterlife


The Blood-soaked fields and farms built on the backs of slaves pepper Beaufort’s heinous history. The historic homes erected during these disturbing times remain, harboring the contentious spirits that once owned them.


Venture with Beaufort Ghosts outside of the John Mark Verdier House, where phantoms from different times come together in an unsettling harmony. Why do so many phantom voices mingle within this plantation owner’s home? The years the building spent as an office give clues to this riddle. 


Docents of the home-turned-museum have felt an unbearable sadness upstairs where John Mark Verdier Jr. succumbed to illnesses from a duel he never intended to fight. What were the foolish reasons that led him to his death? The cold spots in the house remind guests that he is still there and mourning his early expiration. 


Hear this timeless tale of Southern elegancy gone wrong with Beaufort Ghosts. Our spine-tingling ghost tours bring the most putrid practices of the Antebellum period to life before your petrified ears. 


Why is Beaufort so Haunted?


What Time Is The Reenactment? 


The enigma of a time past is recreated in Beafourt by reenactors and the reanimated dead on a daily basis. But sometimes, the dead can be hard to distinguish from the living. Beaufort Ghosts gives you the lowdown on who the actors are and who aren’t while following us to the Beaufort History Museum. 


Uncover the story behind the Civil War soldier who politely nods at guests before passing through the gate and vanishing. Curious witnesses ask staff, “What time is the reenactment?” A question generally met with an amused smirk from the staff of the old 18th-century Arsenal. 


Unveil the Revolutionary and Civil War history that has left an otherworldly scar on the former home of the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery. The goriest details of the city’s epic battle are laid out in front of you in an unbridled fashion when you are with Beaufort Ghosts. 


A Deadly Tune


Stray pieces of cotton engulfed in flames blew across the city one day in a telling reminder of the city’s greedy past. Does this have anything to do with sightings of a black man in a flat cap and old-fashioned waistcoat disappearing into thin air? The instrument case he carries has sent shivers up the spine of many who see him while sitting at the nearby Blackstone Cafe.


Hear about the great fire that ravaged Beaufort in 1907, damaging the city far worse than any war or natural disaster ever could. Torrents of spiritual energy were left in its wake at the Reconstruction Era Historical Park for all to see or feel. 


Ignite your sixth sense with Beaufort Ghosts while we lay down the horrid details behind this ravenous inferno and its victims. In particular, the spirit of a local African-American musician who was shot down by a white guardsman in an effort to protect the city from looters. 


Does he seek revenge in the afterlife, or is he simply trying to make it to his next gig? Find out on a petrifying haunted ghost tour of downtown Beaufort with Beaufort Ghosts. 



What’s so Special About the Beaufort Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side of Civil Rights History


Experience a monumental piece of Civil Rights history at the Robert Small Statue while on a ghost tour of Beaufort. The city’s social policies have been both kind and extremely unkind to the hundreds of African people it enslaved. Great opportunities for education and prosperity were provided after the war, a true rarity in the South. But were they enough to placate their tired souls?


None of it would be possible without the help of a man who hijacked a Confederate ship full of his family and friends and sailed it across Union lines. Buried beside his monument, locals say you can still see Robert Smalls wandering around his old neighborhood. His spirit forever searches for a permanent solution to the injustices done in his time. 


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience Amongst The Dead


Among the many satellite chapels that dot Carolina’s coastal landscape, the greatest horrors lay within St. Helena’s Chapel of Ease. The half-sealed vault of Edgar Fripp has sparked continual ghost stories since a group of Union workmen sealed it and returned the next day to find the vault half open and their bricks neatly stacked to the side.

Stand outside The Parish Church of St. Helena as Beaufort Ghosts implants the spooky atmosphere of the haunted Chapel of Ease into your mind, a place where the faint sounds of an organ and phantom prayers fill the air with a heavy presence. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


The mysteries of The Castle and The Graveyard of The Atlantic are just the tip of the iceberg in an area with nearly 500 years of history. Beaufort’s sinister past comes to life on our haunted ghost tour of downtown Beaufort. Bring your eager mind to the edges of your reality with Beaufort Ghosts, and you may meet some new friends along the way. 


Share this frightful experience with others captivated by death’s eternal embrace on our morose and fascinating haunted trek through The Lettuce City. Book your Beaufort ghost tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1)  You Are Vacationing In Hilton Head 


Hilton Head Island is a popular vacation destination for anyone looking to relax by the white sands of Carolina’s coast. The small towns nearby offer just as much joy to those willing to venture out. Beaufort is just under an hour’s drive from Hilton Head and is full of fascinating haunted history that is waiting to be discovered. Take a ghost tour with Beaufort Ghosts to learn all about it. 


2) You Are A Civil War Buff 


Beaufort was once the crown jewel of South Carolina, a place where the antebellum elite languished in their success and fortune. The Civil War changed all that, but the history it left behind tells a compelling story. If you are a Civil War aficionado looking for the ghosts of America’s conflicts, look no further. Beaufort Ghosts brings their stories to life with unflinching detail every night. 


3) You Are Looking For Something Unique To Do In Beaufort, SC


Beaufort is full of historic buildings and harrowing history. Beaufort Ghosts brings this history to life with true stories of terror and tribulation on our nightly trek through the downtown area. See all the sights with a unique twist while we lay out the city’s gruesome and bloody past for you. 


4) You Are On A Roadtrip Up The Atlantic Coast


Daring adventures rejoice! Take a break from the long and weary road and find yourself in the quaint seaside town of Beaufort. While taking your much-needed respite, why not spice things up a little bit? Find out all there is to know about your last-minute stop on a ghost tour with Beaufort Ghosts.  


5) You Are Looking For Family Friendly Activities in Beaufort, SC


You have the kids with you, but don’t let it hinder your ability to have a good time! Journey out into the early evening with Beaufort Ghosts, and let us entertain them for a while. They’ll walk around the waterfront, captivated by engaging ghost stories and haunted history, on a family-friendly trip for all ages, especially those fascinated by the darker side of life.

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