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Welcome To Bar Harbor's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Decades of senseless conflicts, tribal wars, and human cruelty shrouded this tranquil coastal town with a veil of horrifying hauntings that transcend its idyllic facade.

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Join Bar Harbor Haunts to venture through the dark side of this popular summer vacation destination, where the spirits of sailors and the victims of gruesome tragedies own the night.

Bar Harbor Haunts

All tours meet at Bar Harbor Inn & Spa, 1 Newport Dr, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Bar Harbor

Welcome to Bar Harbor Haunts

From shipwrecks to mythical creatures and legends as old as the town itself, Bar Harbor is alive with chilling mysteries waiting to be unearthed by anyone brave enough to explore them. Take a ghost tour with Bar Harbor Haunts to explore the dark side of Bar Harbor and hear the haunting tales of those whose stories remain etched in the island’s memory. 


Nautical Nightmares


They say rough seas make smooth landings, but in Bar Harbor, they may lead to chilling encounters with restless spirits and unruly sea serpents. Though the town offers beautiful scenic views, they can’t hide its grisly past.

Follow our professional tour guides at Bar Harbor Haunts on a walking ghost tour to the 1881 Shore Path, a historical walk with stunning views, where you will hear the story of shipwreck spirits who continue to haunt the rugged coast where they met their tragic end.

But shipwrecked victims aren’t the only unexplained phenomena near the coast. Learn about the documented accounts of sea serpent sightings along the coastline that rival the eerie occurrences that plague this historic path. 

Your gateway to Bar Harbor’s haunted history awaits on this spine-tingling ghost tour with Bar Harbor Haunts.


What Will I See?

Visit Bar Harbor’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:

  • Bar Harbor Club – Built in 1929, the Bar Harbor Club may be known for its opulence and exclusivity, but it is deeply steeped in dark legends tied to the haunted ground on which it was built. Stories of eerie occurrences and an unsolved murder also add to its reputation as one of the most haunted places in this coastal town.


  • 1932 Criterion Theatre – Standing strong as one of the only two Art Deco theaters in Maine, the Criterion Theatre may be a popular cultural and historical landmark in Bar Harbor. But its reputation isn’t solely built on its architectural beauty and cultural significance. The theater’s allure is heightened by the reports of mysterious events and ghost stories that continue to draw visitors to ghost tours on the East Coast.


  • Balance Rock Inn – This historic Bar Harbor Inn isn’t just charming; it’s crawling with ghosts! From a vengeful Wabanaki shaman’s curse to playful poltergeist sisters, the place is full of restless spirits. Guests report everything from ghostly apparitions to eerie events and a woman searching for something lost, making it a spooky stop for any ghost tour.


Eternal Vengence


Built as an exclusive haven for America’s elite in 1929, the Bar Harbor Club quickly gained notoriety for its grandeur, making it a playground for the rich and famous. Lavish parties, social gatherings of the upper crust, and an air of extravagance permeated its walls. But even with all its opulence, the stench of dark secrets and tragic tales hangs heavy in the club’s air. 

Long before the club’s construction, the land was home to the Indigenous Wabanaki people. The violent uprooting and subsequent development of Bar Harbor created a rift in history, leaving behind a legacy of suffering and loss that remains. Discover the local lore that speaks of a Ghost-witch from the oppressed tribe that continues to stalk the grounds of her former home from the afterlife.


Bar Harbor Haunts takes you to the grounds once known as the “devil’s half acre” and details the injustice that birthed the Club’s harrowing hauntings. Learn about one woman’s terrifying experience with the Ghost-witch who has yet to cease seeking vengeance, even after death. You’ll never look this coastal paradise the same again.


Lights, Camera, Ghosts


For a building that once hosted one of the most glamorous opening nights in Maine’s history, the Criterion Theatre sure has a spooky side that goes beyond its Art Deco elegance. Step back in time and beyond the silver screen at the Criterion Theatre, where the drama unfolds on stage and within the walls themselves. While its history boasts dazzling premieres and cinematic triumphs, whispers linger of a spectral world where the past refuses to stay silent. 

Hear the story of a former actress, once a rising star of the vaudeville era, whose apparition has been captured in photographs throughout the years. Her shimmering form glows in photographs, and some theatergoers swear they’ve felt a ghostly hand brush their shoulder during a performance. 

Was she an understudy yearning for the spotlight or a forgotten star whose brilliance continues to linger? Who else is said to cause the unexplained activity that taunts patrons and staff members? Find out with Bar Harbor Haunts on our next walking tour of the most haunted spots in Maine’s coastal jewel.


Why is Bar Harbor so Haunted?


A Time For Spirits


The Bar Harbor Town Clock might look like a regular timepiece that dotts the town’s landscape. But lean in closer with Bar Harbor Haunts, and you’ll uncover a brooding link to this historic staple. Get to know the “Father of Acadia National Park,” George Dorr, whose passion for preservation continues in the afterlife. 

Today, his spirit is said to haunt the trails he passionately protected, with hikers reporting a colorful apparition in an old-fashioned suit. His presence is a friendly reminder of Dorr’s enduring love for the park and his determination to sustain his legacy even in death. 

But George Dorr isn’t the only spectral resident popular among Grand Harbor residents. Book a tour with Bar Harbor Haunts to hear the chilling story of a hitchhiking ghost along Route 182. Legend says she seeks a ride, leaving chills in her wake. Is it just a trick of the mind or something more sinister? Join us tonight as we explore Bar Harbor’s ghostly secrets.


Coastal Cuisine and Ghostly Tales


While brunch might be the scariest thing at West Street Cafe, something more sinister awaits northeast of this seafood restaurant. Take a journey with Bar Harbor Haunts to uncover the eerie happenings at the Prospect Harbor Lighthouse.


Discover how Captain Salty’s nautical afterlife keeps him firmly attached to his lighthouse post. Guests have reported a mischievous statue that changes position, ghostly figures roaming the halls, and the phantom scent of the Captain’s favorite pipe tobacco. But the lighthouse isn’t the only place in Bar Harbor with a spectral side.


Gather round as Bar Harbor Haunts introduces you to the Mira Monte Inn, complete with ghost stories of unexplained footsteps and sightings of a playful young specter. Who are the restless souls that frequent these Bar Harbor stables, and what keeps them tethered to these haunts? Hear their sordid stories and more on a Bar Harbor ghost tour tonight!


What’s so Special About the Bar Harbor Ghosts Tour?


See A Different Side Of The Largest Town on Mount Desert Island


If spine-tingling tales of romance gone wrong and playful spirits tickle your fancy, then prepare to be swept away by the otherworldly energy at the historic Ledgelawn Inn in Bar Harbor. Learn more about Mary Margaret, a heartbroken bride who met a tragic fate at the Ledgelawn Inn. 

Hear the tragic story of the maid who died under suspicious circumstances and is said to haunt the halls. Guests and staff have reported everything from slamming doors and phantom arguments to missing items and flickering lights. Could all these be attributed to the maid’s restless spirit seeking justice from beyond? 


A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Discover the Sacred


Built on land once considered sacred to the indigenous Wabanaki people, the Balance Rock Inn boasts Gilded Age luxury and breathtaking views. But beneath the facade of opulence lies a chilling past, where the echoes of colonial violence and a generational curse linger like a ghostly mist.

Tales of scalp bounties and the tribe’s shaman’s curse weave a dark narrative into the inn’s history. The once tranquil Balance Rock Inn has become a hotspot of eerie happenings, including a mischievous poltergeist, a spectral minister, and a lost woman searching for something…or someone. Could it be the Wabanaki seeking solace or restless souls trapped by the curse? 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Lobster rolls and whale watching aren’t the only ways to experience Bar Harbor. If whispers of the past and tales of restless souls pique your curiosity, then Bar Harbor Ghost Tours invites you to our lantern-lit ghost tours through the historic streets of this coastal gem. 

Prepare to meet a group of fellow thrill-seekers and get ready to explore the haunted corners of Bar Harbor with our knowledgeable guides, who will regale you with tales of shipwrecks, mysterious disappearances, and ghostly apparitions that have left their mark on this town. Book your Bar Harbor ghost tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You’re Lobstered Out and Craving a Different Kind of Claw-some Experience


Bar Harbor’s lobster scene is legendary, but even the most dedicated crustacean connoisseur needs a break from the briny. Take a break from the bibs and join Bar Harbor Haunts to uncover the town’s haunted past and learn more about the chilling stories that haunt these streets. 


2) You’ve Seen Acadia’s Beauty by Day and Want to Explore its Eerie Side by Night


Acadia National Park is a masterpiece of nature, with stunning landscapes and breathtaking views that will leave you in awe. But beneath the beauty lies a darker side nobody wants to talk about. Join Bar Harbor Haunts to uncover one of the sinister secrets the town desperately tries to hide and prepare for a night that will leave you saying “Whew!” instead of “Wow!”


3) You’re Tired of Clam Chowder and Want Something Spooky


Bar Harbor’s clam chowder is soul-warming, but sometimes you need a different kind of simmering story. Book a walking ghost tour with Bar Harbor Haunts to learn more about the town’s spooky history, where you will hear tales of shipwrecks, lost souls, and the wealthy residents of Bar Harbor’s “cottages” who may not have quite moved on. It’ll be a night that will leave you feeling more stirred than satisfied.


4) You’ve Toured the Bar Harbor Whale Watching Boats and Want a Different Kind of Deep


Bar Harbor’s whale-watching tours are world-famous, but what about the unseen ghosts and creatures lurking beneath the waves? On our ghost tour, you’ll explore the town’s haunted history, uncovering the mysteries that linger on land and maybe even a whisper of what lies hidden in the harbor depths.


5) You’ve Read “The Shining” a Dozen Times and Crave a Real Haunted Hotel Experience


The Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King’s “The Shining,” but did you know Bar Harbor has its own haunted hotel contenders? Bar Harbor Haunts takes you on a spine-tingling journey to these historic inns, where restless spirits are said to roam the halls.

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