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Welcome To Baltimore's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

War, mystery, and the unexplained shroud Baltimore’s past and poison its present. Uncover why Baltimore dreads the ghosts who never left the harbor. 

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Steeped in maritime history, tragedy, and death, Baltimore was a city where pirates and cut-throats feared to sail. Take a Baltimore ghost tour to explore this dreaded outpost, and discover a history drenched in black deeds, dark waters, and vengeful ghosts. 

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Baltimore Ghosts

Explore this dreaded outpost, and discover a history drenched in black deeds, dark waters, and vengeful ghosts.

Baltimore Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Join us for an evening of thrills and chills, and belly up to the historic bars, where you just may be socializing with the apparition of a patron from centuries ago.

Hell and Highwater in Harborland: Forging an American City

Join us on a walk down four hundred years of President's Street, and one of the oldest ethnic neighborhoods in the city.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Baltimore

Welcome to Baltimore Ghosts

Uncover a History of Murder and The Macabre


In the sunshine, Baltimore seems quaint, unassuming, and idyllic… yet it hides a gruesome and bloody past that is all but distant.  Mired in ambition, black deeds, and devilish deals, men willing to sell their innocence for pennies built a foundation steeped in corruption. The colonial port became a rowdy shipbuilding center where death seemed to always lurk in the shadows of the docks, from the days of the colonies to the time of Edgar Allan Poe.

Mobtown has always been a violent city. Founded as a busy port and shipbuilding yard, Baltimore rapidly became a rowdy and seedy pirate’s nest.  With a history full of sad stories and tragic deaths dating back to the 1600’s, residents have always preferred settling fights with their fists and covering the streets with the blood of riots and angry mobs. Their victims tragically still haunt Baltimore today, victims of murder and uneding war sagas.. Investigate chilling tales of their desperate last moments and hear their ghostly pleas for justice echoing in the wind.

Join Baltimore Ghosts as we walk through the haunted waterfront and hear spine-tingling tales of ruthless pirates, unsolved deaths, and the bloodthirsty knaves that have used Baltimore’s bars, brothels and boarding houses as hunting and haunted grounds for the last 200 years.


What Will I see?


Discover districts that have inspired some of America’s most terrifying gothic tales and the bars haunted by their strange energy — bars full of ghosts and wraiths.

Experience Baltimore’s Deadly History Come Alive


Adventure tonight on a chilling tour of Baltimore’s dark side and see the most haunted sites in the city where the souls of those long dead serve as cautionary tales of murder, desperation, and betrayal. Cross paths with little Molly at the historic Lord Baltimore Hotel. Encounter the ghosts of the Stock Market Crash suicides on the steps of the Admiral Fell Inn. Investigate these ghost stories and more as you walk with us on the streets that inspired Edgar Allan Poe’s most twisted tales and visit the last place the author was ever seen alive.

Meet your guide across from Max’s Taphouse to embark on our hair-raising tour of the violent side of one of the most haunted ports on the east coast. Expert local guides will captivate you with stories of scallywags and wartime crimes, and of the men and women of Mobtown’s past who never left their final resting place.


Why is Baltimore so Haunted?


In Charm City, if you feel like you’re being watched, you most certainly are. The peering, restless eyes of little Molly on her window pouncing her red ball to the beat of a fevered heart will not feel the least bit charming when it sends chills shooting up your spine.  No less terrifying is an encounter with the diseased nurse of the harbor who, in search of Warton sailors to entrap, left in her wake a trail of misery and death. 

The Baltimore ghost tour takes you deep into the darker side of this city’s already sordid underbelly. On an adventure through streets still haunted by the ghosts of bloodthirsty cutthroats, murderous working girls, and half-dead sailors — fiends waiting to shanghai the nearest unwary soul.

From the scored pirates that used the city as their playing ground to devastating bouts of plagues to the inferno that became the infamous Baltimore Fire of 1904, you’ll hear firsthand accounts and experience every tale with expert guides chillingly describing each story’s most ghastly details. Listen to tales of ghosts that continually stalk the city streets each night, sad and tragic victims who burned alive or suffered the torments of war and disease. 

Embark on a ghost tour through the city’s darkest depths to hear the terrifying tales of these poor souls and encounter the apparitions of the ones who refused to leave. 


What’s so special about the Baltimore Ghosts Tour? 


See a Different Side of a Beautiful Destination


When in Baltimore it’s tradition to indulge in crab dinners, sit in the stands at a Ravens game, and go shopping at Inner Harbor. When you’re done taking in the seaside sights, enjoying Mid-Atlantic cuisine for lunch and taking in the art scene, it’s time to change the beat — and visit the darker side of the city, one waiting for you just around the corner. Spend a chilling evening in the shadows of Baltimore’s old waterfront neighborhoods on our ghost adventure tour. Visit old brothels and bars where the specters of rowdy sailors and saloon girls make their presence known decades after their burial. Spend a gruesome evening with us and collect a few sinister stories to share when you get home.

Be Part of A Growing Community 


Ghost hunters are the curious lot, they dare to look deep into history’s haunted sites –swipe the mask away and stare into some of its secrets. Experience the thrill and chill of dread crawling down your spine as you swap ghostly yarns under the cover of darkness. Unearth foreboding mysteries and ancient secrets. When you’re out on a ghost adventure with us, you’ll share an unforgettable and terrifying evening with others who love the adrenaline rush of haunted history. Be a part of the tribe of terror.

Experience the adrenaline rush of exploring haunted locations


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of something watching you from a dark corner or the idea that someone could be lurking just behind your shoulder. A wave of curiosity mixes with a tinge of fear when you pull up a chair at a bar rumored to be haunted, wondering if you’ll see nefarious evidence while you’re enjoying a drink. With a historical ghost tour, you can hear stories that get your blood rushing while wondering if you’ll meet a ghostly apparition along the way. 

The Baltimore ghost tour is the ultimate thrill experience that casts tourism into a much darker light and creates unforgettable memories. 

If you plan to explore Fell’s Point or any of Baltimore’s other popular destinations and see a darker side to Maryland’s prime port, book a tour with US Ghost Adventures today. 

Many of our guests experience the unexplained and bear witness to the unknown. Become one of them tonight. 

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to book your Baltimore Ghosts tour right now!  

1) You Want to Immerse Yourself In The frightful History of Baltimore

A myriad of sinister secrets lurks in the windows of the former brothels, bars, and boarding houses that line the streets of Baltimore’s harbor. Many of these buildings were rudimentary hospitals where traumatized soldiers spent their last days in pain and terror. Others were slaughterhouses and sites of brutal murders. Discover places that are still haunted by the ghosts of these tragic victims from Baltimore’s past. Investigate deeper into these tragic stories and encounter vengeful ghosts from the city’s bloody past.

2) You’re obsessed with ghosts and horror

A good scare is like a strong cup of coffee. The blacker the better. Good scares are like an adrenaline punch to the guts. They are thrilling. They renew you. They make life a little bit brighter. Embark on a tour of haunted sites, where a ghost encounter could happen at any time, and dare the impossible to take place. Some of us simply need a bit more in our lives. Some of us like the rollercoaster that breaks the sound barrier. Or the base jump of the old bridge. Or tales of the Aztec temple and its many blood sacrifices. The beach just doesn’t do it for us. And staring at mountains or the Grand Canyon bores us to death. We need morbid tales and possibly encounter an ancient pirate or two when you join us on our ghost adventure tour.

3) Boo!! Book a Date night you’ll remember till your dying day

You’ve already walked through the sun-saturated streets of Baltimore, holding hands, and making kissy faces — night has set in. Want to impress? Give the bars a rest. Cling closer to your sweetheart as you feel the hot breath of an invisible on the sidewalk. Feel the flood of hormones bringing you closer. Your heart beats melting together. Your sweat glands coming into syncopation. There’s a reason why horror movies have become stables of date night — GO ONE STEP FURTHER. Embark on a chilling ghost adventure tour and investigate the city’s haunted past together. 

4) The History Channel is always on in your living room.

Uncover a harrowing side to American history on our ghost adventure tour through haunted Baltimore. Get educated on the ghosts that still linger in historic buildings and soldiers that still man their posts at decommissioned Navy ships. Investigate stories of the colonists who lived and died in Baltimore and of the specters they left behind. Join us on our ghost adventure tour for tales that challenge your perception, that tax your nerves, and bedevil your optics some the dreams that turned to nightmares in thai port city. 

5) You did the sightseeing, you shopped till you dropped, and now you want more!

Invest in a bloodchilling souvenir after you’ve bought all those gifts and trinkets. A doodad, a bauble, a truly unique knick-knack you can take back home and show around. Regale your friends with and maybe command the conversation during one of your evenings out. Take home terrifying stories and maybe something else. Something with a bit more bite to it. Don’t be surprised when you feel a presence join the room during a macabre story of Baltimore’s past.

6) You’re tired of traditional tours and conventional tour guides

Why settle for a checked-out tour guide when you can hear the haunted history of Baltimore from someone who is engaged, passionate and knowledgeable? We’ve all been there, on a tour guided by someone by a buffon, an ill-informed miscreant in it just for the shekels. A guide unable to answer questions and disconnected from the subject at hand. Ditch the boring tours and book something more inspiring – and chilling – with a ghost tour of Baltimore. Something captivating. Something that riles you to your very bones. With us, you’ll discover secret stories and unearth a more sinister side of the Charm City and have one heck of a time while doing it. 

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