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Austin is known for its restaurants, bars, and nightlife – that includes the life that comes out at night, its ghosts!

Haunted Pub Crawl
Tour Location Location

The Paramount Theater at 713 Congress Ave

Tour Duration Duration

Approximately 2 hours

Tour Info Info

Arrive 10 minutes early and allow time for parking.

Tour Order Admission

Press "Book Now" for availability.

A Dark Past and a Darker Future

Today, Austin is known for game development and music, freedom, and alcohol. The city is home to several airports, filmmakers, bars, and a few well-known politicians. Austin has much fruitful culture and history to offer and the city is growing and thriving. However, it also comes with a dark past full of shock and tragedy.

On our Austin Haunted Pub Crawl tour, we’ll jump right into the spooky side of Austin, covering paranormal activity and weird attractions, all accompanied by a drink or two at some of our
favorite Austin watering holes. What pairs together better than scary stories and liquid courage?

Learn About Austin’s Spooky Side

While Austin is usually known for music, it is also famous for booze and boos. Did you know that Austin is home to some of Texas’ most haunted locations? You’ll hear about these, as well as some lesser-known southern haunts.

We’ll introduce you to the haunted history of this city through the lens of the times they occurred in and experience a certain comfort in the fact that the times have greatly evolved since then… even if some of the figures from those stories still linger.

Austin’s Haunted History

Prior to the Civil War, Austin flourished but after the war, the city faced challenges like food shortages and inflation, compounded with the loss of its fighting men. When the railroad came to Austin, it became a center for trade, helping to revitalize the town.

Profound loss inevitably affects the area that surrounds it and Austin was certainly impacted by this collective loss, as well as individual losses over the years. The stories of our history bring us together and most importantly, teach us what we can do to prevent tragedy and heartbreak from occurring again.

What Will You See on our Austin Haunted Pub Crawl Tour?

We’ve got a lock on the paranormal hotspots of Austin, from the magnificent opulence of the Driskill and the many sad tales of the unfortunate souls who have passed through its doors, never to return, to the ghosts of the Paramount Theater haunted by the “Man with the Cigar” and the “Lady in White.”

We’ll also show you how Austin embraces its weird side at the Museum of the Weird, home to a plethora of odd exhibits and spirits. Along the way, we’ll pepper in visits to local bars with their own interesting stories like Maggie Mae’s, whose namesake was a lady of the night who tricked sailors out of everything they owned. Today the name belongs to a famous pub, beloved for its local flavor and liquor.


Locations on Tour

Driskill Hotel

Over the years, the Driskill Hotel has hosted many important figures in American history ,including senators, presidents, and captains, with many notable occasions having taken place here.

President Lyndon B. Johnson watched election returns while enjoying the luxury of this fine establishment and the first long distance telephone call in Austin was made from the lobby of the Driskill in 1898. Despite its opulence, the Driskill has a haunted history and has its fair share of guests who have overstayed their welcome.


Museum of the Weird

Ready for an exploration for all things, freaky, weird, and wonderful? The Museum of the Weird is the ultimate destination for just such things and what better way to keep Austin weird?

The Museum of the Weird is chock full of other freaky figures that have been collected from allover the world, including the legendary Elephant Man, an authentic mummy, giant lizards, shrunken heads, and two-headed mammals.


Paramount Theatre

Welcome to the Paramount Theatre, where the cinema meets the supernatural and the very airyou breathe is dense with recondite history. Apparently the reason the Paramount is still standing is because a man named John Bernardoni made a deal with the devil.

In 1839, the building was Sam Houston’s war office and during the Civil War, the Texas Governor was forced out of office for his refusal to switch his allegiance to that of the Confederacy. A new building was erected on this land to provide entertainment to the film lovers of Austin with a vaudeville house. It was converted to a premier movie theatre in the 1930s, but by the 1960s it had declined to B-movie status.

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