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Welcome To Augusta's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

A preacher’s deadly curse, barbaric traditions of the Victorian era, and ghosts of brutality mingle in a macabre melting pot that’s spilled over into the heart of Augusta.

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Join Augusta Ghosts as we bring to life legends of strange lights and spirits as they bubble out of the Savannah River. Sinister entities with ill intentions await your presence on this ghastly haunted Augusta ghost tour.

Augusta Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at the Augusta Museum of History at 560 Reynolds St., Augusta, GA
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Outside of the Augusta Museum of History
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Augusta

Welcome to Augusta Ghosts

The cries of grave robbers and gamblers emerge from Augusta’s most frightening houses and sorrowful cemeteries, begging for a reprieve from the horror of their own making. Learn why the ghosts of the Garden City are almost as famous as the PGA Masters.


Medical Monstrosities 


Step into the chilling past of Augusta as we unravel the morbid tales of the city’s 19th-century medical community. The ghostly legend of The Resurrection Man at The Old Medical College is one that details the broken boundaries between modern science and human morality.


Unspeakable crimes were committed by a mad scientist, as he recruited a poor soul to poach bodies from freshly dug graves. The grave robber would go on to be known as The Resurrection Man, and his punishment was a curse bestowed upon him by the spirits of those whose graves he disturbed. 


Visit the cemetery where he excavated hundreds of tombs in the name of forced servitude under the guise of science. Peer past the cemetery gates towards where his burly, large phantom has been seen meandering about the tombstones. His fellow slaves, victims of his over-eager owners, join him in an endless wander about the haunted Augusta cemetery. 

The horrors of Augusta’s demented past don’t stop here. Join Augusta Ghosts to uncover terrifying tales and local haunts that will send shivers down your spine and make your night one for the books. 


What Will I See?


Visit Augusta’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Old Medical College – Home to the legend of The Resurrection Man and the practice of grave robbing in the name of science. The Old Medical College’s basement is full of icy chill and disembodied voices that terrify students. 


  • Magnolia Cemetery – The oldest cemetery in Augusta and home to one of Augusta’s most unique ghost stories. Whispers and apparitions from a love triangle gone violently awry hang about the misty cemetery.  


  • The Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art – Children’s playthings shake and rattle between the footsteps and figures of former owners of this early 19th-century building. Five different spirits roam the halls of the old school.


Cursed Prayers of a Preacher


Religious lines run deep in the heart of Georgia. Find out what happened to Augusta when these lines were crossed at the Cursed Pillar, where one preacher brought the wrath of god down upon the whole town. 


Discover the disasters that have befallen the people of Augusta since the preacher’s exile in the late 1800s. Those who have tried to remove the pillar or have shown it disrespect have succumbed to great misfortune and, in some cases, sudden death. Former mayors, farmers, and pedestrians have all fallen before the pillar’s power. 


Augusta Ghosts unveils the strange accidents that terrorized the town for over a hundred years after the condemned holy man left town. One of the most infamous Augusta, GA, tourist attractions, the Cursed Pillar, awaits you scattered in the streets below your feet. Watch where you step! 


Institute of Entities


Augusta may be home to the musical artist and Godfather of Soul, James Brown, but it’s another form of art that keeps one spectral resident eternally tied to their former home. Follow Augusta Ghosts as we take you outside the Gertrude Herbert Institute, a building once known as Ware’s Folly that now serves as an art school where the strict regiment of Victorian Georgia lives. 


Hear the stories of the lovers of art who once filled the home and remained in the afterlife, inspecting the work of others under a spectral gaze. The building is a hotspot for unexplained activity, as reports include disembodied footsteps and unexplained rattling from an empty children’s playroom.


However, there’s one spirit that is well-known amongst staff and students, as the entity regularly makes appearances on the second floor. Who is the ghostly resident who continues to walk amongst the living? And what did paranormal investigators discover during an investigation? Find out with August Ghosts.


Why is Augusta so Haunted?


Theaters For the Dead


Some of Augusta’s most horrid secrets lay within the confines of its heavily populated theatres and museums. Join Augusta Ghosts to experience the immense spiritual presence pouring out of the Augusta Museum of History. Haunted Augusta comes alive at the AMHI building, home to a haunted hearse and much more. 


The tales that dwell within the hearse are horrendous. Feel your heart race when you hear the disturbing details of people being buried alive by mistake. The ghosts of these grisly deaths are only a portion of Augusta’s appalling past, as Augusta Ghosts introduces you to the Miller Theater that was once a funeral home.


From stolen cadavers to people being buried before they became corpses, the nightmarish accounts we’ll expose you to will leave you speechless. Get the truth behind Augusta’s most beloved locations on a spine-tingling ghost tour with Augusta Ghosts. 


Strange Lights Along The Savannah


Roam alongside Reynolds Street and uncover the oddities of the Savannah River with Augusta Ghosts. Stange lights have tormented citizens of the Garden City for centuries. Could they be swamp gas or something out of this world?


Duels full of honor and rage were once fought along the banks of the winding Savannah, offering a possible explanation to confused and scared residents. It’s believed that the bitter souls of those who lost now haunt the murky waters.


The locals are used to the otherworldly sights that that inhabit the sky. Now it is your turn to learn the truth behind what’s been lighting up the night sky in Augusta. 


What’s so Special About the Augusta Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side Of Georgia’s Golfing Capital


Hide within the timeless beauty of Augusta’s architecture, surrounded by the ghosts of a dead society. Focus on the gorgeous details of the haunted Marion Hatcher Center, home to the spirits of the enslaved people that once made the house tick. 


Inside, dumbwaiters travel down to the basement, where angry souls still congregate. They are forever trapped inside a building where they once led a cruel existence. Augusta Ghosts peels back the layers of time from the city’s haunted houses with you on a truly spooky experience. 


A Once in a Lifetime Experience You’ll Always Cherish


Augusta’s cemeteries are full of dark secrets from some of the city’s most prolific and sinister citizens. What better way to discover them than on a spine-tingling ghost tour of Augusta? For an unforgettable journey through haunted Augusta, book a ghost tour with Augusta Ghosts and prepare for a chilling stroll to the Magnolia Cemetery. 


Here, we’ll introduce you to the case of Baron Wylly, whose gambling habit and tomb have been the source of legend for generations. Peer through the gates of Magnolia Cemetery for Wylly’s doorless mausoleum, where whispers and vibrations have stunned anyone foolish enough to stand near the cursed gambler’s final resting place. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Join an Augusta Ghosts haunted tour for a frighteningly good time with a group of people ready to learn, laugh, and share a few screams. Our experienced tour guides will give you the lowdown on all of the haunted happenings in Augusta and leave you with a few stories to take home.


You don’t have to be an expert in the ghostly world. You just have to be ready to dip your toes in and have some fun! Get to know the real Augusta, and book your ghost tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Want To See The Unusual Side of Augusta


Out of all the unusual things to do in Augusta, none are more worthwhile than a ghost tour with Augusta Ghosts. The picturesque city has an obscure side of it hidden deep underneath layers of history. Experience the particular and surreal stories today!


2) You Are Interested In Victorian Society


Many places to visit in Augusta have a deep history connected to the morbid days of Queen Victoria. Learn what Victorian life was like for Georgians on an informative and spooky ghost tour with Augusta Ghosts. 


3) You Are Searching For Family Activities in Augusta


Finding cool things to do in Augusta can be a lot of work for those with kids and teenagers. Entertain the kids and yourself on a bone-chilling haunted adventure through downtown Augusta. Augusta Ghosts is not only scary and informative but entertaining for the whole family as well! 


4) You Are Looking For A Different Date Night


Are you trying to shake things up on date night? Come closer together on a date night in Augusta on a ghost tour through old Augusta. The romance of old Georgia is brought to life with tragic tales of love and loss. 


5) You Have A Morbid Imagination


Look no further if you are fascinated by disgusting and macabre things. Augusta Ghosts discusses the most brutal medical techniques and strange Victorian practices on our nightly ghost tours through the city.

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