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We’re thrilled that you’re ready to begin training! Below are instructions and expectations for the initial audition, along with the script and the button for recording your video. If you have any questions or issues, please email and we’ll be happy to help!

  1. Please study, review, and memorize as much of the script below as you can. When you are ready, click the button at the bottom to record your initial audition.
  2. When you record yourself, your performance should be lively and moving! Show us that you can engage us for 60 seconds so we’ll be confident you’ll be able to engage guests on a tour for 60 minutes or more.
  3. Please do not simply read the script to the camera. You do not have to memorize the script word for word, but you should be able to deliver an interesting and compelling story.
  4. Once your recording is complete, simply copy the link to your recording into a response to the email you received after the webinar.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your video!


Mrs. Borden was last seen alive around 9:00 am by her stepdaughter, the infamous Lizzie Borden, and the maid (Bridgette). At the time Mrs. Borden was killed, Lizzie’s sister, Emma, was out of town, and Mr. Borden was out in Fall River, as was Uncle John.

Lizzie said she was downstairs ironing handkerchiefs.

Mrs. Borden was killed in the room where her Uncle John had slept the night before. This is now one of the most requested rooms for overnight stays in the Historic Lizzie Borden Axe Murder House and Museum: The John Morse Room, also known as: The Murder Room.

There was no sign of a struggle, and she had no defensive wounds. Peculiar, isn’t it? The evidence is unclear whether she was facing her attacker (and didn’t fight back/or couldn’t) or standing up, or kneeling–but we do know where the wounds were:

  1. One blow struck her above her ear on the left-hand side of her head
  2. Another blow between her shoulder blades that was four inches deep
  3. The remaining seventeen blows were to the back of her head and neck for a total of nineteen.

She was eventually found face down in a pool of her own coagulated blood. Between the blood and the stomach contents of both victims, we can put her time of death around 9:30 am–a full hour and a half prior to Mr. Borden’s murder.

In the photo on the wall in the dining room (where the autopsy was done) you can see she is lying flat on her stomach, and you can see the pool of blood around her head. In the mirror, you can see the camera that took the photo.

Did you know that the Borden crime scene photos were the first crime scene photos taken in the United States? How is that for a morbid fun fact?
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