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Welcome To Atlantic City's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Uncover America’s Playground where death stacks the deck and life is a game of chance. Discover the darkness that outshines Atlantic City’s glitz and glamour.

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In the boardwalk empire where outlaws were kings and beggars became billionaires, entertainment and pleasure typically ended in despair.  Join Atlantic City Ghosts on a thrilling ghost adventure to reveal why the city is one of the most haunted locations on the coast.

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Atlantic City Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at Rainforest Café, 2201 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 at 124 Park Place, Atlantic City.
Tours last 1-hour along a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to an additional 3-4 haunted locations!
Tours held nightly at 8pm
Simply bring your ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Atlantic City

Welcome to Atlantic City Ghosts

Uncover the true origins behind Atlantic City’s tragic history and terrifying hauntings

Why is Atlantic City So Haunted?

This boardwalk town’s seedy history goes way back to a city built and born on the East Coast atop the ruins of a summer home of an indigenous tribe. These original inhabitants called the land “Absegami”, or “Little Water”, and so the land was later named Absecon Island by colonial settlers. Centuries of antiquity followed, inevitably drawing the evil and sinister from the misfortune of its victims and the misdeeds of its villains.

East Coast Turns Evil with Misdeeds and Misfortune

Tragic events like the infamous shipwreck Powhatan where hundreds of lives were lost in a winter snowstorm, pale in comparison to the horrific crimes and bloodshed brought about by gangster sharks like Capone. This gambling mecca of the Atlantic boasts a haunted history so dark that no number of neon lights can fully conceal the ghosts spawned in its wake who continue to haunt its piers and boardwalk.


Follow along on this spine-tingling ghost tour and hear authentic accounts of hauntings stemming from the pain and suffering that lay just beneath the surface of the casino boomtown. Learn the origins of the Jersey Devil and its multiple sightings over the course of a century and hear true accounts of the rumored “Lady in White” who appears randomly in different halls and floors of the Flanders Hotel. These hauntings and more contribute to hundreds of reports of the unexplainable and downright frightening encounters experienced by locals and visitors alike.

Haunted Hotels and Cursed Casinos

Adventure deep into the night and see the most haunted locations in Jersey and the East Coast, visiting cursed casinos like Caesars, the crown jewel of Atlantic City’s treasure chest of casinos. Caesars ranks as the town’s second-oldest, and its storied history includes various smash-and-grab style robberies complete with Hollywood-style masks. Experience Caesars’ haunted grounds and the chilling property of The Wild West Casino, where guests still relive the tragic horror of bodies washed ashore and witness the ghosts whose corpses were robbed just hours after their deaths.

Marvel at haunted hotels such as Bally’s or Resorts, which was used as a WWII base of operations aptly named “Camp Boardwalk” only to be used as a war-time hospital whose trauma echoes into the present with visitors claiming to see disembodied soldiers still preparing for war. Even these stories will be overshadowed by the never-ending drama and even deaths at the former Trump Taj Mahal, now the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel. From a gun-downed supervisor to supposed money-laundering for the mob to a recent suicide, the unexplained sightings and unbelievable hauntings continue to torment those who decide to spend the night.

Ghosts of the Boardwalk

Despite being a who’s who of notable inventors and leaders such as Thomas Edison and Martin Luther King Jr., the fairy tale dream turned unbelievable tragedies of the city were evident in the boarded-up buildings and abandoned piers becoming fixtures many times throughout its roller-coaster history. Casino resorts and luxury hotels boasted celebrity guests like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and even Elvis. The city’s temporary good fortune constantly turned bad to worse, rocked by scandals of suicide, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and even murder.

These salacious tales always turn to whispers as the ghosts of those whose luck ran dry begin to appear when the sun goes down, and the bets go up each night in Atlantic City.  See America’s playground from a petrifying new perspective while hearing tales of its debaucheries and past and true accounts of its haunting and terrifying present. After our tour, you’ll not only be armed with real, spooky facts and encounters to impress friends and family but perhaps that lad or lady who’s eyeing you at the casino. We promise family-friendly fun with a healthy helping of ghostly terror!!

Rediscover the History of Atlantic City

On this tour, you will visit some of the city’s most iconic and infamous locations, all while being regaled with tales of the history and hauntings of each building. From Warner Theater to Caesar’s Atlantic City to Bally’s Casino, this tour of Atlantic City is guaranteed to paint a darker picture of this sunny seaside town.

Atlantic City Ghosts offers an authentic experience that strives to make sense of the unexplainable. The Atlantic City ghost tour is based on real-world portrayals of hauntings and well-documented history.  Whether you’re just visiting New Jersey or looking to learn more about your hometown’s haunted past, it will offer a ghostly experience that you’ll never forget, awake or asleep.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

9 Reasons You Should Book This Tour Right Now!

You Want To See Ghosts!

Our fun and informative tour works for skeptics and dedicated believers alike! While we can’t guarantee you’ll run into a ghost or see inanimate objects fly about, we can guarantee plenty of thrills and chills while you explore Atlantic City. Many of the stops on our tour are spooky in broad daylight, but at night they become downright eerie!

Throw in a local guide armed with ghastly knowledge of the murders, suicides, and shipwrecks, and you’re guaranteed to feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up! At each stop, we’ll relay the stories of hauntings based on eyewitness accounts and long-lived local legends.

More than a few of your stops possess decades of reported paranormal activity. We encourage you to take photos throughout your tour and to report any anomalies along the way!

You Want To Learn More About Atlantic City From a New Perspective!

Whether you’re a lifelong resident of “America’s Playground” or just passing through on vacation, everyone will learn more about its unique history! On this tour you’ll learn about ghosts from shipwrecks to perished WWII soldiers, not to mention the sordid history of Atlantic City’s iconic pier and the rise and fall of the boardwalk empire.

How about the fact that the city became an incubator for organized crime or a bulwark for the war against Nazis? Atlantic Ghosts combines factual information, historical data, and local legends ensuring a fun-filled, educational day!

You’ve Hit All The Bars

Atlantic City offers up more than a bar or two for nightly booze but after our tour, you’ll see them with new eyes! Instead of just imbibing at a local spot, you’ll be loaded with booze, boos, and frightful information to impress the next lad or lady that catches your attention.

We’ll take you around town to see the “in” places on neon-lit boardwalk. After walking off a few calories, you’ll be doubly prepared to revel in the rest of the night.

You’d Like To Add Excitement To The Usual Tourist Attractions!

Everyone who comes to Atlantic City carouses the casino, bounces along the boardwalk, and sees the Steel Pier. But what if you could do those things while learning some tips and tricks from a local guide, not to mention feel the adrenaline-spiking reaction to unexplained spectral activity?

Our ghost tours offer a change of pace from the more conventional attractions in the city and a fresh perspective on familiar surroundings. You’ll leave the tour with a host of scary stories and fun local facts to thrill your friends wherever you’re from.

Whether you’re on vacation or a local, Netflix will always be there. If you’re looking to do something different, we are that something different! You’ll be armed with tons of stories to deliver ample amounts of FOMO to your friends and family

You Want An Unforgettable Birthday, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Or Family Outing!

Atlantic City Ghost Adventures allows for ultimate customization! Regardless of group dynamics or size, we’ll work with you to ensure your tour creates a lasting memory!  Our team of dedicated and informative guides can help you plan the perfect group tour.

We can even work with you to tailor the tour according to your specific interests and needs. From focusing on particular themes, locations, and historical eras or just letting loose! Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll work with you to help make it happen! Check out our Group Tours page for more information.

Create Some Office Camaraderie

Finding ways to create camaraderie at work can be difficult. So what better way to build team chemistry than going for a group ghost tour? You know what they say, the team that scares together, thrives together!

Atlantic City Ghost Adventures provides a little something for everyone! From scary stories for the thrill-seekers to research-based fun facts about cultural and architectural history for the scholars. Whatever your interest, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our Group Tours page for information on how to start putting together the best company outing your employees have ever attended! [<link to Group Tours page]

You Don’t Like Conventional Tours!

Let’s face it, most tours are pretty boring. An unenthusiastic guide droning on about uninteresting and boring topics can be a real drag. Our local guides know the area and their ghosts. They’ll impart fun facts, local legends, and of course, plenty of spooky stories that will remain with you for years. See what an awesome tour can be like with our Atlantic City Adventurers.

We want you to ask questions, get involved, and enjoy your tour! Unlike conventional tours, our Ghostly walks are designed with entertainment in mind. We have carefully crafted our narratives to blend entertainment with factual data and paranormal evidence. Atlantic City Ghosts brings you the best of the best. Trust us, there’s no better way to see one of the coolest cities in the country!

There’s Only So Much Tanning You Can Do!

There is only so much sunbathing and gambling you can do before your skin turns lobster red, and you’re out of money. We offer a change of pace. Learn about Atlantic City’s ghostly tales and where to drink away your suntan while taking a lap around the city.

A Convenient and Exciting Way To Learn about A City

Our tours are scheduled at night, so everyone can join! Even on weekdays, our tours last roughly an hour and a half and offer the perfect way to wrap up a date, a night on the town, or a long day of sightseeing!

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