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Welcome To Atlanta's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Home to the terminus of Georgia’s railway system, Atlanta is the capital for terrifying hauntings and disturbing ghostly activity. 

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Uncover the darkest details of the city’s past with Atlanta Ghosts on a ghost tour through the Midtown district and reveal horrifying truths about some of the most haunted places in Georgia.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Atlanta Ghosts Tour

Home to the terminus of Georgia’s railway system, the state capital is a center of terrifying hauntings and unexplained ghostly activity in the Southeast.

Atlanta- MLK Jr: Walking in His Footsteps

Join us on this journey to see history from a new perspective as we examine the life of America's greatest civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Atlanta

Welcome to Atlanta Ghosts

Fear the Footsteps of the Forsaken in Atlanta


Did you know Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) is a 2-hour flight from a major chunk of America’s population? It’s the busiest airport on the entire planet, bringing steady streams of travelers–more than 100 million per year–from all over the world through Atlanta.

The real secret is the almost undetected supernatural flow of otherworldly travelers visiting the land of the living in Atlanta. Lingering in the darkest corners of the city, easily hidden from clubgoers and celebrities in this “Hollywood of the South”, is an unseen host of ghostly citizens whose souls will never leave the confines of the city again.


What will I see on this tour?


Secrets Serial Killer Stashes and Ghosts of Atlanta’s Underworld


From victims of the early railroad construction to the soul-crushing death toll at the center of the Civil Rights movement, Atlanta has always been known as a city with a haunting and tragic history. Echoes of old and new violence reverberate in the shadows of Atlanta’s forest of dogwood trees, where the spirits of train robbers and race rioters roam the night, looking for unwary victims to scare.

Uncover the bone-chilling secrets of Atlanta’s past as you explore buildings once home to cutthroat murderers bent on violence and lawbreaking. Tour the darker side of Atlanta with us on our ghost adventure tour and hear stories that will raise the hair on the back of your neck and give you nightmares as a souvenir.

Ghosts of violence and murder still linger in The ATL, where billions of people have visited for layovers, business meetings, shopping outings, and more. In the shadows of skyscrapers and dogwood trees, The Big Peach holds secrets, some literally buried in the city’s buildings. Serial killers stashed their bodies in Atlanta. Disease and war took young lives tragically. Disembodied voices still communicate with patrons in Atlanta’s bars and ghosts still stalk the halls of buildings that were once Civil War hospitals.

As you explore midtown ATL, you’ll discover the story of a serial killer who hid the bodies of his victims in a church basement. Listen for the haunting tune of the long-dead Fox Theater organist as you walk through quiet and seemingly deserted streets. 

Watch for the ghosts of Atlanta past lingering in the darkened alleys that you pass. Visit Babs Midtown where a violent, haunted house used to sit and don’t be surprised if you feel a chill when you visit the still-haunted location.


Why is Atlanta So Haunted?


A-Town Built On Ashes of the Dead


Atlanta grew into a bustling regional center in the 1850s because of the railroad, which made it a hub for commerce, trade, and travel. But the city that rose from the ACF River Basin burned to the ground several times including the Great Atlanta Fire of 1917, when more than 1,900 buildings burned, trapping residents inside. The modern, sleek buildings you pass as you walk through midtown Atlanta are built on the ashes of tragedy. Whispers of the fires that trapped so many souls in burning buildings still echo in the streets. Don’t be surprised if you feel something rush by as you explore midtown Atlanta, it could just be a panicked victim still searching for an escape from the flames.

In 1946, a fire broke out at the Winecoff Hotel, now known as the Ellis Hotel. An impressive building, the 15-story Winecoff was hailed as a “fireproof building” when it was built. It didn’t have any sprinklers or fire exits, so guests couldn’t escape when flames broke out that fateful night. Of the 280 guests that were at the hotel, 119 died in the fire, which still is the most deadly hotel fire in U.S. history. The tortured souls of those guests still search the halls of the hotel for relief from the tragedy. 

Don’t be alarmed if you hear whispers from the shadows as you walk through Atlanta’s midtown, it’s just another traveler begging for relief from an untimely death. The chill you feel in your spine could be from the touch of a burn victim, still caught in the flames of the past.


Why do ghosts still haunt homes in Atlanta?


Don’t be surprised if you notice ghostly apparitions watching you from the windows of houses and establishments you pass when you walk the streets of Atlanta. Don’t get spooked if you feel a cold spot walking into a bar that was once a home, or see your frosted mug move on its own accord. Even if you can’t see anyone in your room with you as you settle in for the night, chances are you aren’t alone. In Atlanta, the past doesn’t disappear that easily.

Atlanta grew into the city it is today because of the railroad, bringing hundreds of families to the area for work and better prospects. Many of the people who invested their lives into building homes in Atlanta refused to leave their beloved homes when they died. Slaves were also brutalized, murdered, and killed in tragic accidents at homes in Atlanta. Many of them haven’t moved on, either. Instead, ghosts of the past linger in their houses, watching you walk through their streets from just behind the curtains of their picture windows.

Journey through streets charred with tragedy and hear nightmarish stories of Atlanta’s violent past on our ghost adventure tour. Walk in the footsteps of lives cut short and feel the lingering aura of spirits who just can’t leave their tragic endings behind. Instead of just reading about the ghosts of Atlanta, join us on a tour you won’t forget. 


What’s so special about the Atlanta Ghosts Tour? 


Enjoy a Unique, Nail-biting Night Tour of Dogwood City


Flowers cover up something sinister in Atlanta, a place known for blossoming trees and southern charm. After you’ve enjoyed the spectacular floral displays Atlanta has to offer, take a tour with us to see those blossoms, and their history, in a darker light. 

Uncover the ghosts of Dogwood City by joining us on a ghost tour of midtown Atlanta. Hear stories of blood, tragedy, fire, and ashes that grew those legendary blossoms. Listen for the cries of victims still caught in the fires of Atlanta’s past. Discover a teenage slave girl who mysteriously haunts one of Atlanta’s notorious mansions. Join us on a ghost tour of midtown Atlanta and enjoy a bone-chilling tour of Dogwood City after dark.


See a Different Darker Side of Hollywood of the South


Stranger Things fans are among the many who visit Atlanta on movie-related vacations, touring filming locations for some of Hollywood’s most successful movies. But the real stars of A-Town aren’t sitting around a movie set, waiting for you to walk by. After you’ve taken in some of the sights of the Hollywood of the South, embark on an investigation for the real stars of Atlanta with us. 

The ghosts of death and debutants dance for eternity under the dogwood trees of Atlanta, you just have to know where to look to find them. Feel an invisible hand brush your shoulder as you walk with us through Midtown and hear stories of the terrified souls still stuck in A-Town. 


Become Part of a Like-Minded Ghostly Community


Embark on an exploration of a city that still holds cadavers in the walls of historic buildings, a place where tragedy has painted the town square and the ghosts of founders refuse to leave. If you love feeling your blood run cold, join us on a haunted ghost tour of Atlanta. Hear heart-stopping tales of murder and suicide, and listen for the ghosts of the past sending whispers on the wind.

Visit places where the tragedy of the past still lingers and uncover victims whose lives were cut short in cold blood. Embark on a ghost tour of Atlanta with us for a different and spine-chilling perspective on the city’s tragic past.


Experience the adrenaline rush of exploring haunted locations


Some people who visit Six Flags Over Georgia, just outside of Atlanta say they have an uninvited visitor enter the park with them. A 9-year-old girl who was killed by a car in the 1970s reportedly appears to guests, still asking for relief from her tragedy. 

Once you’re done with the rollercoasters, put yourself in the path of a poltergeist and continue the adrenaline rush adventure. Join us on a ghost tour of Atlanta and uncover blood-chilling mysteries that still haunt the city today. Add fodder to your nightmares with a walk through a darker side of the ATL and hear nerve-wracking stories that you won’t forget.

If you plan to explore the Fox Theater or any of Atlanta’s other popular destinations and see a darker side to the Land of the Sky, book your tour with US Ghost Adventures today. Many of our guests experience the unexplained and bear witness to the unknown. 

Become one of them tonight. 

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to book your Atlanta ghosts tour right now!


1: Unearth Atlanta’s Real History


History comes to life in the shadows of Atlanta, for when the sun goes down the ghosts of this sweet Southern town’s past awaken. As daylight fades from Atlanta’s streets, embark on a bone-chilling adventure through the darker side of the ATL. Hear stories of a serial killer whose victims still haunt the city, looking for justice and revenge. Learn about the thousands that have died in tragic fires over the years and homeowners that refuse to leave their prized mansions. Don’t be surprised if you feel someone watching you as we journey through Atlanta’s streets together, the city is full of ghosts who are always keeping guard.


2: You Love a Good Story


Wrap yourself in tales of tragedy, murder, and mystery as you walk with us through the shadows of Atlanta. Uncover spine-chilling locations where cold-blooded killers took their victims’ lives and hear about vengeful ghosts who still haunt the streets where you walk. Join us on a walking tour of Atlanta and lose yourself in stories of the city’s tragic past. Embark on a ghost tour of Atlanta with us and meet the ghosts of that tragic past, yourself. 


3: You Want to Make Unique Memories


Experience the chill of hearing a disembodied voice in your ear as your group walks through Atlanta on a tour led by one of our experienced guides. Add a darker twist to family night or to date night with our haunted walking tour. Don’t be surprised if you find yourselves getting closer as the shadows deepen and the night grows darker, making more room for the ghosts of the past to hide. Embark on an eerie tour of Atlanta’s haunted history with us and create a hair-raising memory that will send a chill down your spine for years to come.


4: You Love Theater History 


Hear the mysterious notes of an invisible organist, still playing accompaniment for a performance as you walk by Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. Originally, it was built to be the Yaarab Temple Shrine headquarters, but that dream was never realized. Instead, the Fox Theater opened in 1929 as the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Embark on a ghost tour with us to discover the secrets hidden within the Fox Theatre and experience the haunting music that still emanates from within.


5: You’ve Spent All Day Sight-Seeing


When you’ve visited all of the stately mansions and shopped the trendiest stores in downtown Atlanta, join us for a different way to explore Dogwood City. Embark on a frightening ghost tour and add a twist of terror to the adventures you’ve already experienced. Hear nerve-wracking stories about the ghosts that linger in Atlanta’s marble mansions and of the bodies hidden in the buildings you’ve passed. Join us on a ghost tour of Atlanta to learn about bone-chilling encounters with the ghosts of the city’s tragic past.


6: You’re looking for things to do in Little Wakanda


After you’ve explored the filming locations for the 2018 Marvel Comics film Black Panther, explore a more sinister side of the city that’s been compared to the fictional country of Wakanda in the movie. Embark on a journey through Atlanta’s shadows and hear stories that will chill your spine and make your blood run cold.

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