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Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building is one of the most beautiful structures in Asheville. We also dig into its haunted history on our tour here at US Ghost Adventures.

Flatiron Building

Many of the buildings in Asheville have taken their inspiration from New York architects. For example, Asheville has almost identical versions of Battery Park, Wall Street, and the Flatiron Building. The last-mentioned is one of the most sought-after spots in all of Asheville. 

The Flatiron Building features a super-cozy inn, immaculate interior designs, and a sky bar with breathtaking city views. 

Although the modern Flatiron Building you can find a place to relax, it does have a slightly haunted backstory, making it popular on our ghost tour.

Origins of the Flatiron Building

The nine-story Flatiron Building located by Battery Park in Asheville is a small-scale replica of the larger twenty-two-story original building of the same name in New York City. New York architect Albert C. Wirth designed the building. 

In 1985, the Flatiron building officially became a part of the Downtown Asheville Historic District. It was listed for sale in 2018 under the condition that the buyer must keep it virtually the same. 

The original Flatiron Building 700 miles away is an icon in New York City. However, there was some initial criticism of the building’s design. Many experts believed that the Flatiron’s shape was dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians. This hazard came to light after a bike messenger fell into the street and was killed by a car in 1903. 

Today, the Flatiron Building in Asheville is a beehive of activity. There are shops, restaurants, cafes, and various other amenities scattered around the property. However, the vibe can get quite eerie at night due to the legend of potential spirits lurking around it.

Ghost Sightings Around the Flatiron

Although it’s mainly a vibrant social spot, the Flatiron Building is no stranger to spooky stories. Many locals and tourists claim to have seen ghostly figures throughout the property. 

Some instances include a shadowy figure jumping off one of the balconies onto the sidewalk below.

Others have heard noises coming from the walls, ceiling, and lower levels of the building. 

No matter what kind of ghosts may be hiding out in the Flatiron Building, we had to make it one of our stops along our Asheville ghost tour. 

Haunted Asheville, NC

Asheville is a sweet gem of a town resting right in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. You can indulge yourself in rich American history, tasty food, and maybe even a ghost sighting. 

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