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Welcome To Asheville's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Souls of bootleggers, outlaws, and debutantes from Asheville’s past haunt the streets of this historic mountain city.

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Discover the twisted tales of a city steeped in mystery, tragedy, and pain. Experience an Asheville ghost tour to uncover why it’s the South’s most surprisingly haunted destination.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Asheville Terrors: Ghosts of the Blue Ridge

Souls of bootleggers, outlaws, and debutantes from Asheville’s past haunt the streets of this historic mountain city.

Asheville Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Did you know Asheville was one of the first cities to ban beer- and is now a haven for both kinds of spirits?

Asheville Terrors Boos and Booze Ultimate Haunted Pub Crawl

Take a Boo's and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for genuine stories, scares, and delicious drinks in the historic district, with up to 2 hours of ghostly fun with the city's spirits and Spirits.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Asheville

Welcome to Asheville Ghosts

Fear in the Blue Ridge Mountains


Nestled among the two beautiful mountain ranges, Asheville is an outdoor lover’s dream with a vibrant culinary scene and an abundance of microbreweries. But as you walk through the seemingly fresh and artsy mountain town, the hairs on your neck will stand as you realize there’s something more sinister than beer, dogs, or great views hiding in the haunted foothills of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.

Discover the city’s deadly secrets with Asheville Terrors and find out why the horrors of its past still lurk in the shadows. From the tragedy at Biltmore Estate to murder at cloak-and-dagger distilleries, victims of tragedy, abuse and the Battle of Asheville still haunt the streets of Beer City, USA.


What will I see on this tour?


Asheville’s charm is palatable with historic buildings lining wide squares, but dig deeper into the Paris of the South and you’ll find skeletons in the walls. Explore the streets of Asheville in the dead of night and feel the pulse-raising presence of long-dead settlers who whisper their stories from the grave. 

Hear screams of Colonel Samuel Davidson, who died as a victim of Cherokee hunters. A waft of smoke that is detailed in my eyewitness reports is said to be from homes burned long ago by Confederate soldiers. Feel the cold grip of a long-dead slave on your arm or see the ghost of an Asheville mayor leap from the top of the 15-story Jackson Building.

Uncover the secrets beneath Asheville’s proper veneer and learn about the horror that lives in the hills surrounding the Land of the Sky. Join us on a ghost adventure tour and discover the secrets hidden in the walls of historic buildings. Hear spine-tingling stories of tragic deaths and of victims whose spirits still stalk the seemingly pleasant streets of Asheville. 


Awaken Ancient Bootleggers and Outlawed Souls


Though residents voted for prohibition, Asheville only abstained from alcohol on paper in the 1920s. In truth, the city was overrun by underground distilleries and breweries and was a regional hub for making and distributing alcohol. Tunnels were built between buildings and the ghosts of those who died during illegal trade still roam the streets. Domestic abuse and violence also sprang up alongside distilleries during prohibition in Beer City, oftentimes ending in death.

Don’t be alarmed if you hear whispers from the shadows as you walk through Asheville’s downtown, it’s just a bootlegger beckoning you to try his spirits. Cool breath on the back of your neck could be a beaten wife, begging for help. A wave of hot air passing by could be the echo of a distillery explosion that killed dozens of men. 

Uncover the bone-chilling secrets of Asheville’s past as you explore buildings once home to cutthroat bootleggers bent on violence and lawbreaking. Tour the darker side of Asheville with us on our ghost adventure tour and hear stories that will raise the hair on the back of your neck and give you nightmares as a souvenir.




The ghosts of soldiers and victims continue to haunt Asheville


Many of the Cherokee who lived in the mountains around Asheville met untimely ends when European settlers brought new diseases to the area. Their spirits are said to still haunt the mountains where they prayed, hunted, and lived. 

A century later, Asheville became a burial ground for slaves whose ghosts still call out from their unfamiliar resting places. During the Civil War, Asheville was burned and plundered by Union soldiers. Ghosts of the terrorized and traumatized residents still call from where their homes burned to the ground. 

The ghosts of desperate businessmen still stalk the upper floors of the Jackson Building on Pack Square, repeating the day the stock market crashed in 1929. Some think a bullseye pattern in the brick at the foot of the building marks where he met his end. Some say they can still see him pacing the top of the building, muttering his last regrets before he leaped to his death.

Journey through streets charred with tragedy and hear nightmarish stories of Asheville’s violent past on our ghost adventure tour. Walk in the footsteps of lives cut short and feel the lingering aura of spirits who just can’t leave their tragic endings behind. Instead of just reading about the ghosts of Asheville, join us on a tour you won’t forget. 


What’s so special about the Asheville Ghost Tour? 


A Ghostly Tour to Meet the Spirits of Beer City USA


Blood built the booze industry in Asheville, where bootlegging was rampant during 1920s prohibition and beyond. The deadly consequences of feuds between rival outlaws are rarely highlighted in the normal history lessons of Asheville. After you’ve spent the day touring Asheville’s distilleries and sampled flights from the many microbreweries in Beer City, take a moment to drink in the darkest details of the local alcohol industry. 

Embark on a tour revealing stories of blood money and outlawed beer on a ghost tour of Asheville and hear tales of the violence that helped build Beer City and helped it thrive. Where there is violence, there are victims, and the victims of Asheville’s past cry out to be heard and possibly to find justice.


See a Different Side of Beautiful the Beautiful Blue Ridge


Darkness lurks in the waters of the Swannanoa River, which flows through Asheville and meets with the French Broad River near Baltimore Village. Ominous ghosts wait for the sun to abandon the brilliant scenery that has given Asheville its nickname of Land of the Sky. 

Once you’ve explored the incredible biodiversity and outdoor opportunities that Asheville offers, take a more disturbing walk through the sordid streets and dark underbelly of the mountain town that still hosts the ghosts of this city’s past. Embark on a ghost adventure tour with Asheville Terrors and hear shocking stories that will make your blood run cold. 


Become Part of a Like-Minded Ghostly Community


Begin an exploration of a city that still holds cadavers in the walls of historic buildings, a place where tragedy has painted the town square and the forsaken spirits of founders refuse to leave. If you love the breathtaking feeling of chills running up your spine, join us on a haunted adventure on a bone-chilling ghost tour of Asheville. 

Hear heart-stopping tales of murder and suicide, and listen for the ghosts of the past to send whispers on the wind from their ice-cold graves.


Experience the adrenaline rush of exploring haunted locations


Skip the rollercoasters and put yourself in the path of a poltergeist instead. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, you’ll jump at the chance to uncover the blood-chilling mysteries of Asheville with us on our ghost tour of downtown Asheville. Experience firsthand the nerve-wracking stories of Asheville that will linger with you in your nightmares.

The Asheville ghost tour is an unforgettable thrill experience that puts a sinister twist on a traditional tour of the Paris of the South.

If you plan to explore Biltmore Estate or any of Asheville’s other popular destinations and see a darker side to the Land of the Sky, book your tour with US Ghost Adventures today. 

Many of our guests experience the unexplained and bear witness to the unknown. Become one of them tonight. 

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to book your Asheville Ghosts tour right now!  


1: You Want to Unearth Asheville’s Real Dark History


History comes to life in the shadows of Asheville, for when the sun goes down the ghosts of this mountain town’s past awaken. Embark on a bone-chilling adventure through Asheville’s darker side on a ghost adventure tour and uncover the haunted history of the Land of the Sky. Hear tragic stories of the people who built Asheville’s historic buildings and listen for their ghosts whispering secrets in your ear.


2: You Love a Good Story–Especially if It’s a Ghost Story


There’s something intriguing about being wrapped up in a terrifying tale of insanity or a tragic tale of betrayal and murder. Let yourself be captured by unnerving stories on our 1.4-mile walk through the dark streets of downtown Asheville. Hear about vengeful ghosts who still haunt the streets where you walk. Investigate sightings of spirits who still stalk the buildings where desperate people leaped to their deaths.


3: You Want to Make Unique Memories


Our tours are great for the family and for date night – as long as everyone’s ok with feeling the cold breath of death on their neck. Embark on an eerie tour of Asheville’s haunted history with us and create a hair-raising memory that will send a chill down your spine for years to come.


4:  You Love Historic Architecture 


Discover the secrets that linger in the shadows of Asheville’s most beautiful historic buildings. From architecture by Rafael Gustavino and the Biltmore Estate, on our tour of haunted historic Asheville, you’ll experience the haunted history of some incredible designs and hear terrifying tales of the tragedy that built them. 


5. You’ve Spent All Day Sight-Seeing and Want to See What the Night Holds


Hiking in the Appalachians and exploring the small towns around Asheville will take on a more sinister vibe after you’ve heard the twisted history of the places you’ve already visited. Embark on a frightening ghost tour and add a twist of terror to the adventures you’ve already experienced.


6: You’re looking for a pet-friendly activity in Dog City


You’ve already taken your furry friend to the dog-friendly restaurants and bars in town, and you’re looking for something more unnerving and spine-tingling to do. Put a terrifying twist on walking your dog and join us on a walking tour of Asheville’s haunted history. Dogs are allowed, as long as they don’t distract from the blood-curdling stories of Asheville’s terrifying past.

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