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Welcome To Arlington's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Casualties of war, tragic accidents, and gruesome murders are the nightmares that built the haunted foundation of the American Dream City.

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Explore the terrifying truths of Arlington’s disastrous past on a spine-chilling ghost tour with Arlington Ghosts. Uncover the blood-curling tales that have plagued the city for centuries and the lost, unforgiving spirits that roam Arlington’s cursed streets.

Arlington Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at Arlington Music Hall at 224 N. Center St., Arlington, TX
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Outside of Arlington Music Hall
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Arlington

Welcome to Arlington Ghosts

Arlington is a city existing in a constant state of Texas-sized terror. Journey into the heart of the American Dream City’s otherworldly activity, where the ghosts of tumultuous eras and horrific ends continue their eternal march for all unlucky enough to see.


Arlington’s Portal To Hell


Everything that’s good has a counterpart, as proven by Gene Allen Park and its adversary, the park that’s home to Arlington’s “Hell’s Gate.” Your night of thrills and chills includes a visit to the home of the International Peace and Friendship Monument and takes you on a terrifying journey through the dark history of the home of Arlington’s very own “Hell’s Gate.”


History and horror collide as you discover the origins of this ominous name. Hatred between Confederate and Union soldiers can still be felt and heard in the area, with visitors reporting disembodied prayers and loud wailing near the posts used in the soldiers’ hangings.


Hear the heart-pounding tales of encounters with spectral Confederate soldiers and what can happen should you find yourself in the spot where these appalling punishments took place. Arlington may be home to Six Flags Over Texas, but the road to the state’s establishment is anything but a trip to the amusement park – and Arlington was front and center for it all.


Experience the tales that spawned the spirits of Arlington on a thrilling ghost tour with Arlington Ghosts. 


What Will I See?


Visit Arlington’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Arlington Music Hall – A concert hall that has gone by many names, the Arlington Music Hall’s pesky ghost is said to love the spotlight and will only cease his disturbances at the director’s orders.


  • Railroad Crossing – The site of Arlington’s infamous Christmas Eve shootout of 1892. Now, the ghosts of the five men who filled the train depot with bullet holes over a herd of cattle continue their Wild West dispute from the other side. 


  • Knapp Heritage Park – Home to three of Arlington’s oldest structures, Knapp Heritage Park, is where the history of Arlington comes back from the dead. The spirit of a little girl is said to have been seen darting across the grass, and she’s not alone. 


A Loop of Never Ending Horror


The grounds of Arlington are alive with history, and nearly every location has a story. Join Arlington Ghosts as we take you to the site where some of the city’s oldest buildings still stand and tales of lore continue to make their way through the generations. 


Peek behind the spectral veil and into the dark side, where you’ll discover the haunted history of three particular homes in Knapp Heritage Park. It’s believed that the spirits of a bygone era are trapped here, doomed to live their afterlife on a loop. These residual hauntings are bone-chilling enough, but they minimally compare to the activity in River Legacy Park.


Unravel the terrors that consume the infamous park, where a deadly trail known as the Screaming Bridge is said to have claimed several lives. Many have heard the terrible wails of the bridge’s victims whose lives were tragically cut short trying to cross it. What keeps the spirits of horrific misfortune tethered to this cursed bridge? Find out on a ghost tour with Arlington Ghosts.


The Show Must Go On


Seabiscuit and Shirley Temple ushered the Arlington Music Hall into an age of prosperity, and it appears at least one patron is still relieving the former movie theater’s glory days. Although its name has been changed many times, the spooky stories remain the same at the city’s most haunted theatre. 


Venture to this historical theater, where the otherworldly acts make appearances in and around this haunted building. Learn about the music hall’s most famous spirit, an affable elderly man who’s been seen wandering from the theater to the popular Babe’s Chicken, looking for more than just a quick bite to eat, seemingly vanishing on his way out.


Become a temporary local and get access to the secrets that haunt the employees of Arlington Music Hall. Discover who is behind the unexplained activity that commands the stage, creeping out witnesses with the sound of its disembodied footsteps. And hear all about the shocking evidence compiled by paranormal investigators on this exciting ghost tour of haunted Arlington.


Why is Arlington so Haunted?


Land of The Forgotten


In Arlington, even a place designed to shelter people from the evils of the outside world bears a dark side. Arlington Ghosts invites you to uncover the history of the Berachah Industrial Home, a building that served as a place of safety for unhoused women and children and ended up becoming known for a more morbid reason.


Though many flourished during their time at the shelter, disease claimed the lives of countless others. Now, those whose lives were cut tragically short are said to haunt the hallowed grounds that surround the former orphanage. 


Enter the unnerving world that is now a part of the university’s history, and learn more about the “Lost Cemetery of Infants.” Students must share their space with spirits of misfortune, as many have reported the sighting of a woman in white and experiencing the presence of a playful entity. It seems the spirits are happiest when they have visitors. Tonight, we’ll let you know how you can keep them company if you dare.


Horrendous Murders Scar The City


The historic areas of Arlington are some of the most marvelous in the state. But like most classic dwellings, the stories behind their establishment usually come with a tale of misfortune and, in some cases, murder. At least, that’s what you’ll hear about the Hendrix “Park Lane” Apartments on your ghost tour with Arlington Ghosts.


Home to multiple shootings and stabbings over the years, the apartments are now infested with spooky activity ranging from the obscure to the wretched. Prepare yourself for the horrible tale of a mother who abandoned her defenseless child on the apartment’s roof. It’s said that the child’s cry can be heard from the top of the building, causing many to question their time at the complex. 


But the terrors don’t stop there. Arlington Ghosts reveals the hair-raising details of one building in particular that was once a home of horrors, where maltreatment ended in gruesome killings. And it seems the victims are still seeking revenge in the afterlife. What unexplained activity made the tenants of Arkansas Lane leave so quickly? Gather these answers and more on an unnerving ghost tour with Arlington Ghosts.


What’s so Special About the Arlington Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side of The University of Texas Arlington


Pillars of education sometimes come with foundations of eerie otherworldly happenings. Such is the case of the University of Texas Arlington, one of Texas’s most haunted campuses. Bear witness to the horrible curse that infests UTA’s main campus. These spirits dance through the hallways and theatres of Arlington’s center of education in an eternal nightmare. 


Follow Arlington Ghosts to the UTA Bookstore, where we reveal how many children haunt the university campus and how they got there. The most well-known, an eerie little girl, crashes parties at the Sigma Chi Frat house and enjoys messing with visiting sorority sisters. Her apparition is a spine-tingling reminder of Arlington’s ruinous past. 


A Once in a Lifetime Experience You Won’t Soon Forget


Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the hauntings. Take a journey to the Founders Plaza Garden to learn the dark truth behind the lost treasure of Crystal Canyon. Arlington Ghosts unveils the suggested location where the Battalion of the Invincibles stashed their cache of stolen gold and the consequences awaiting those who dare search for it. 


Glimpses of restless 19th-century soldiers in dark blue uniforms are said to have appeared in the darkness alongside their shimmering and precious cargo. This great fortune has never been found, and many locals rest on their laurels that “some things ain’t worth digging up.” Gain the locations of its whereabouts and find out for yourself after a tantalizing ghost tour with Arlington Ghosts. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Bond with fellow guests over the haunted cemeteries, houses, and theatres on a chilling ghost tour with Arlington Ghosts. When it comes to “things to do in Arlington,” it doesn’t get more unique than a haunted stroll through downtown Arlington.


Hear the ghostly stories of the city from expert local tour guides who’ve had their own run-ins with the spirits of the American Dream City. Arlington Ghosts invites you to experience the city’s dark side like a local. Book your tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Are Looking For Unique Things To Do In Arlington


Arlington has a nefarious side waiting to be discovered on a ghost tour with Arlington Ghosts. Explore the seedy and macabre underbelly of the American Dream City, a truly unique experience for curious minds, and go home wondering what else is waiting off the beaten path.


2) You Are Burnt Out On Six Flags


Six Flags in Arlington, Texas, is one of the most magical theme parks in the country. The six different themes of the park and the tallest rollercoaster in Texas are a blast, but everyone has their limits. Take a break from the long lines and funnel cakes, and sign up for a haunted Arlington Ghost tour today!


3) You Came For A Cowboys Game and Have Time To Kill


Game day isn’t until tomorrow, and you are in town for the entire weekend. So why not spend a few hours exploring downtown Arlington with Arlington Ghosts? You’ll learn all about the city’s dark past and have something to discuss after the game.  


4) You Brought Your High School Graduate To Check Out UTA’s Campus


UTA is considered the best public college in the Dallas-Forth Worth Area. Aim for excellence in more ways than one, and take your prospective student on a ghost tour of downtown Arlington. It’s a great way to explore the city and familiarize them with their surroundings while being informative and fun. 


5) You Need To Find Family Activities in Arlington


You brought the whole family to Arlington for a long, fun-filled weekend. Pencil in a couple of hours into your busy schedule and captivate everyone’s imagination. Arlington Ghosts tours are among the best family attractions in Arlington and are suitable for all ages.

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