A Night at the Lizzie Borden House

A Night at the Lizzie Borden House - Photo


I wanted to share with you some photos I took while my wife and I stayed at the Lizzie Borden house last September.

We checked into the John Morse Room on September 28th, 2022 and only stayed one night. Prior to checking in, we visited the cemetery where the Borden family resides. We spoke to Lizzie and the rest of the family…specifically her father and stepmom. We told them we would be sharing their space and wanted them to know we are there as respectful guests. We told them we are very curious and excited but we understand what happened in their home was a traumatic and terrible thing. My wife and I wanted to make it clear that even though we plan on enjoying the experience, we also want to honor what happened and not take away from the reality that two people lost their lives in an extremely brutal attack.

We did the house tour while waiting to check in and explored every inch of the house that we had access to. As a historian, I was very impressed with the displays and the care that is taken to preserve this beautiful house. I was also able to recreate the crime scene photos, which I sincerely hope do not come across as disrespectful. If they do, it certainly was not my intent and I apologize. After all that, we went out to dinner and returned for an early evening since we had just flown in from California earlier that day.

room with couch at the Lizzie Borden House.

The murder of Andrew Borden. Image source: guest photo


As we were getting ready for bed, I decided I wanted to take some footage specifically focusing on the area where Abby’s body was found. I took several videos and having reviewed them, I was able to see many “orbs” that seem to float across the screen, some at different speeds, and some even change direction. Ok…whatever. I’m not always totally sold on what “orbs” are, and maybe there is an explanation of what causes them so I wasn’t too overly excited at first.

However, I then decided to turn off all the lights and take some still pictures on my phone using the flash setting. I stood in the same spot and took multiple photos (maybe 20) one right after the other. When I turned the lights back on I reviewed the photos and found the 5 that I attached to this email, with what appears to be an arm reaching out. I have no explanation about how this could have happened. These photos are 100% unedited and I have not done anything to alter these images. I also did nothing to create this effect when taking the photos. The blinds were drawn and there were no other light sources that could have caused this.

photo of the John Morse room at the Lizzie Borden House

Image source: guest photo


I showed these to a friend who knows about photography and he looked at the technical specs of these photos. He told me with an aperture speed of 2.2, it would be very difficult to create an image like I captured. He told me he has no explanation of how these photos could be created. I know very little about photography so I am taking his word for it.

We did not feel creeped out or spooked by what we captured. It didn’t feel dangerous or disturbing. My wife did hear a lot of footsteps in the room above us all night long. I slept like a log so I didn’t experience that, but she said it definitely sounded like little kids playing.

We are both very open-minded about spirits but also very understanding that most of the time there are explanations for these experiences. However, I am convinced what we saw and experienced at the Lizzie Borden House was paranormal.

I hope you enjoyed hearing our experience and I hope you like the photos!

Thanks so much and keep up the great work with preserving this history! We can’t wait to come back and visit you again someday.




Featured Image: Guest photo