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Looking to book a hauntingly fun ghost tour in Alexandria?

You’re in the right spot to unlock the ghostly secrets of Alexandria’s past.

Alexandria Haunted Pub Crawl Photo
Tour Location Location

Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Restaurant & Bar at 112 King St.

Tour Duration Duration

Approximately 2 hours

Tour Info Info

Arrive 10 minutes early and allow time for parking.

Tour Order Admission

Press "Book Now" for availability.

Virginia’s Most Haunted City

With a rich paranormal history that dates back to 1749, Alexandria is the most haunted city in Virginia, and one of the most haunted cities in the world. On our Alexandria Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl tour, we’ll spook you with ghost stories at some of Alexandria’s most haunted buildings and sprinkle in stops to some of our favorite watering holes to fuel you with liquid courage.

With a history so deep, the streets, homes, and even the pubs of Alexandria are haunted by the spirits of the past. What better way to get to know them than with a Boos and Booze haunted pub crawl?

Alexandria’s Haunted History

Alexandria’s history reaches back more than 13,000 years, with many of the city’s events shaping the United States into the country it is today.

The history of Alexandria turned tragic when it became linked to slavery by becoming one of the largest domestic slave trading ports in America, and the city flourished from the unpaid labor of enslaved African Americans. During the Civil War, some accounts witnessed up to four bodies piled on top of each other along the sidewalks with an ankle-deep river of blood flowing along N Fairfax Street.

Combine Hauntings With Spirits

Despite so much death, disease, and destruction in Alexandria’s past, generations of residents have coped through their love of alcoholic drinks and spirits. We know all too well that drinks certainly help people deal with unexplainable things, paranormal phenomena, and ghostly sightings.

On our tour, we’ll indulge you with some tales of the paranormal while you get a taste of the city from the myriad of alcoholic offerings at the city’s pubs, taverns, and bars.

What Will You See on Our Alexandria Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl?

On our Alexandria Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl Tour, we’ll take you to some of the most frightening spots in the city and tell you the tales linked to these seemingly-innocent historic buildings. You might see a ghostly woman lighting a candle in the window of Gadsby’s Tavern or you could hear the angry stomping at the Ramsay house, whose spirit is still bitter about being separated from his love.

As Alexandria was once George Washington’s old stomping grounds, naturally people have spotted his ghost riding his white horse through the streets before it vanishes into the ether, perhaps on his way hom e or to survey another piece of land or running the affairs of the new country.

Meet New Fellow Supernatural Seekers

Meet new people from all walks of life who are also interested in the celestial and the occasional drink or five. There’s never been an easier icebreaker than devils and drinks!  See the scary and unspoken side of Alexandria through the eyes of local guides who know it better than anyone. You’ll end the night not only visiting some of the most talked-about bars in the city but also armed with enough festive facts to enthrall your friends back home.


Locations on Tour

Gadsby’s Tavern

Today a museum, Gadsby’s Tavern was a staple of late 1700s Alexandrian life, offering good food and place for business, political, and social gatherings.

The ghost that haunts Gadsby’s Tavern is one of the best known in Alexandria, not because of who she was or what she did, but because of the mystery surrounding her identity. She has earned the name, the “Female Stranger” because of the cryptic inscription her husband had engraved on her tombstone.

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Union Street Public House

The Union Street Public House has been converted into a restaurant and pub from an old colonial warehouse. The warehouse was originally owned by Colonel John Fitzgerald, a prosperous local businessman and friend of George Washington.

When the poor Colonel died, a mystery arose as to where the colonel’s grave was located, as no trace of it can be found today. What’s even more strange is that Washington doesn’t mention the death of his friend in his diary even though there is documented evidence of his funeral taking place after he died.



Now a contemporary art gallery, this grand home was purchased by a Pennsylvanian military commander named Michael Swope in the 1700s. After his body was disinterred from its grave in 1859, reports of hauntings began in the home.

Neighbors began to hear music, particularly a piano, playing in the empty house, residents and visitors felt a “hostile, bone-chilling cold spot” when they stood on the interior staircase, and a feeling or appearance of a male figure within the building. People who have spotted the male figure state that he wears a Revolutionary War uniform.

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