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High Noon Restaurant & Saloon

High Noon Restaurant Saloon

Originally built in the 1750s, High Noon Restaurant & Saloon has witnessed a myriad of transformations throughout its storied history. From its early days as a brothel to its present incarnation as a renowned eatery serving delectable steaks and local cuisine, this historic establishment has left an indelible mark on Albuquerque/s culinary landscape. But, amidst the tantalizing aromas and warm ambiance, there are whispers of multiple spectral presences that add an extra spice and an eerie allure to the dining experience.



  • High Noon Restaurant & Saloon dates back to the 1750s, making it one of Albuquerque’s oldest and most historically significant venues.
  • Once serving as a brothel, the restaurant has evolved remarkably into a renowned dining destination.
  • The Lady in the White Dress, an enigmatic apparition, is known to appear in the Santos Room, adding to the ghostly charm.



Initially established in the late 1800s, the High Noon Restaurant and Saloon has stood the test of time, preserving its authentic charm for over a century. Once a favored haunt for gamblers, prospectors, and frontiersmen, the saloon became an integral part of Albuquerque’s folklore. While its history may sound like an adventurous Western tale, the premises hold secrets that lie just beneath the surface.




Hidden beneath the cheery facade, some say that restless spirits from the saloon’s tumultuous past continue to roam the establishment. Whispers of gunfights, lost fortunes, and treacherous affairs echo within its walls, leaving an eerie and unsettling atmosphere for those who dare to enter.



Amidst the laughter and clinking glasses, guests and staff of High Noon Restaurant & Saloon have shared their chilling encounters with the unexplained. The Santos Room, in particular, has earned a reputation as a focal point for supernatural occurrences. Here, the ghostly figure of the Lady in the White Dress has been glimpsed by those with a keen eye for the inexplicable.

Apart from the ethereal apparitions, the restaurant has a soundtrack of its own. Unexplained sounds have been reported echoing through its halls, adding an eerie ambiance to the dining experience. Bartenders working late into the night have witnessed unexplainable events such as glasses sliding across the bar and seeming to float through the air, leaving patrons and employees alike in awe of the spectral activity.




Diners seeking both savory cuisine and ghostly thrills have had their share of otherworldly encounters at High Noon Restaurant & Saloon. From sightings of the Lady in the White Dress to the curious sounds and eerie movements, these ghostly enigmas add a unique dimension to the dining experience, leaving guests pondering the mysteries that linger within these historic walls.

Others claim to have glimpsed the apparitions of cowboys and saloon girls from the Old West, appearing and disappearing like fleeting specters. Others have heard ghostly laughter and the faint clinking of glasses as if the spirits continue to revel in the afterlife.

One of the most well-known entities said to linger within is the spirit of a mysterious cowboy known to skeptics as “The Gambler.” Witnesses have reported seeing him sitting at the poker table, seemingly locked in an eternal game, while his ghostly presence sends shivers down the spines of onlookers.




High Noon Restaurant & Saloon is a living testament to Albuquerque’s past, combining rich history with an exceptional dining experience. As you savor the flavors of delectable steaks and local cuisine, keep an eye out for the Lady in the White Dress and the subtle signs of spectral presence that make this iconic eatery more than just a restaurant.

Embark on a journey into the haunted history of High Noon Restaurant & Saloon, where the past and the paranormal intersect. To explore more chilling destinations and ghostly encounters in Albuquerque and beyond, visit our blog, and follow U.S. Ghost Adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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