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Bottger Mansion

Bottger Mansion

Steeped in history, Bottger Mansion is a testament to Albuquerque’s past. The sprawling house was initially built in the 1700s as a massive complex — the place once served as the governor’s mansion in territorial New Mexico until 1845. However, behind its stately facade lies an eerie realm of nightmares and dreamscapes—a void where the echoes of the past continue to linger and multiply. Tales of haunting encounters and spectral presence have turned this iconic mansion into a destination for those seeking spine-chilling experiences.


  • Bottger Mansion’s origins trace back to the 1700s, making it one of Albuquerque’s oldest buildings and one with a rich history as the former governor’s mansion.
  • Charles Bottger, the original owner, is said to be one of the resident ghosts, his presence lingering within the walls.
  • The mansion is also haunted by the ghost of a sighing woman and an enigmatic figure known as “the Lover.”



The history of the Bottger Mansion in Albuquerque is cemented in tragedy, disease, and mysterious deaths. Dating back to the early 18th century, this elegant mansion served as a residence for prominent figures in the city’s history. A capstone of what the area wanted to be — yet couldn’t realize so soon. It quickly became the scene for some of the biggest tribulations in the area. 




During an outbreak of a deadly disease, the mansion became a refuge for the afflicted, with many seeking shelter within its grand walls. The mansion witnessed untold suffering and heartache as yellow fever and other illnesses claimed lives. In the decades that followed, a series of inexplicable events and unexplained deaths occurred within its confines, leaving a lingering air of mystery and fear. Locals have reported eerie apparitions, strange sounds, and chilling encounters, hinting at restless spirits seeking retribution for the past.

Despite efforts to uncover the mansion’s secrets, the enigma endures, leaving visitors and occupants alike with an unsettling sense of the unknown. 


Among the spectral inhabitants of Bottger Mansion, the spirit of its original owner, Charles Bottger, is said to remain tethered to the premises. Charles acquired the property in 1893 and transformed it into the current American Foursquare-style home in 1910. His presence has been felt by those who wander the halls, evoking a sense of history that transcends the confines of time.

Adding to the mysterious aura, the mansion is also home to a sighing woman. Her spectral presence has been witnessed, and her sighs are said to echo through the rooms, evoking emotions from a time long past. Finally, an enigmatic entity known as “the Lover” is believed to frequent the mansion, sitting on the bed of sleeping women—a rascal figure whose identity remains in mystery.


Many visitors and guests of Bottger Mansion have shared their eerie encounters with the paranormal. The unexplained sighs, uninvited presence, and chilling apparitions have left a lasting impact on those who dare to delve into the haunted history of this historic mansion.


As one of Albuquerque’s oldest and most haunted structures, Bottger Mansion continues to captivate history enthusiasts and paranormal seekers. Folks can visit and even book a room in this quaint historic inn through their website and experience the magic and thaumaturgical energy of Old Town Albuquerque. Explore the stately home, where the past comes alive with ghostly whispers and enigmatic apparitions. Step into the mystical realm of Bottger Mansion, where the echoes of history still resound.

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