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Welcome To Albuquerque's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

On Route 66 rests the eerie city of Albuquerque, plagued by hauntings born of gruesome deaths, with a bloody past that continues to terrorize the Old Town’s forsaken adobes.

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Centuries of bloodshed, illicit behavior, and financial calamities shaped this historic and haunted villa. Join Albuquerque Ghosts to uncover the truth about the city’s most tortured and active ghosts in one of the most haunted old towns in the West.

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Old Town Hauntings of The West Ghost Tour

All tours meet at Albuquerque Old Town Visitor Center at 522 Romero St. NW
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Albuquerque

Welcome to Albuquerque Ghosts

One of the sunniest cities in America turns into a dark and fiendish playground for the spirits of a revolting time. Discover the horrifying tales of wrongful executions, callous murders, and wicked behavior that turned Duke City’s Old Town into a frighteningly haunted one.   


Get Your Chills on Route 66


Long before the show Breaking Bad depicted a seedy side of the city, nefarious characters of a crude time had already left a trail of felonious activity and tragedy for it to follow. Beyond the historic pueblos and unique Native scenery is a part of Albuquerque with a disturbing past. Established in the 1700s, Old Town is teeming with otherworldly activity, courtesy of the spirits that refuse to be forgotten.


Here, the ghosts spawned by untimely death and misfortune are intertwined, creating a plethora of hauntings that draw in ghost hunters from around the nation.


Walk with Albuquerque Ghosts to discover the nightly scares served at the High Noon Restaurant Saloon. Built between 1750 and 1785, the building has been home to a variety of businesses, including a gambling parlor and brothel. Today, it’s home to delicious cuisine, top-shelf margaritas, and the spirits of its former raunchy past life.


With at least five people meeting their end in the building and a gruesome hanging just feet away, unexplained activity is a regular occurrence at High Noon. Staff have reported everything from glasses sliding across the bar and items going missing to hearing their names being called when no one else is around. 


The activity and manifestations became so prevalent that owner Carla Villa contacted the Travel Channel show “The Dead Files” to investigate. They found the restaurant to be infested by spirits of the Wild West, with one in particular who died in a gunfight. He appears to be trapped, cursed to relive his past for eternity.


What Will I See?


Legends Never Die


The Chapel of Our Lady Guadalupe is one of the plaza’s and Albuquerque’s hidden gems, situated in its private piece of the historic Old Town district. Though it’s one of the newest additions, it has an intriguing history that keeps knowledgeable visitors flocking to the church and a ghostly mourner confined within its walls.


Established in 1975, the Chapel of Our Lady Guadalupe was created, designed, and built by Sister Giotto and her fellow nuns. Following her passing in 2018, people began seeing her presence in the form of a blur that appeared to be a nun. However, Sister Giotto’s bright light is overshadowed by an unsettling presence. 


Hear about Old Town’s legend of the Lady in Black and uncover harrowing accounts of this weeping woman in a long black dress and black veil who appears at a moment’s notice and disappears just the same. Her tortured spirit has been picked up on multiple paranormal electronic devices while animals refuse to enter the church. There are various theories on who she is, including one that states she is the victim of a 1955 plane crash. Whoever she is, it’s clear she’s here to stay.


A Woman Scorned


Built in 1793, the Old Town Plaza is a staple in Old Town Albuquerque, its tranquility and beauty rivaled only by its deadly and historical background. It’s believed that Confederate Soldiers are buried beneath it, with some possibly being below the ground you’ll walk on. Visitors have reported seeing men in Confederate uniforms walking the area, sometimes on a ghostly horse. As eerie as these sightings are, it’s the Hatchet Lady that strikes fear into the hearts of those who encounter her. 

Join Albuquerque Ghosts to learn about the city’s very own legend of a woman scorned who continues to seek vengeance in the afterlife. It’s said that the daughter of a prominent Albuquerque family was set to be married and, the night before her wedding, found her fiance with another woman. Angered and betrayed, she grabbed a hatchet and killed him with 28 whacks. 


Though her story has evolved over the years, what has remained is the spine-chilling description and terror invoked by her presence. Witnesses have claimed to see her wandering the streets wearing a bloody white dress and carrying a hatchet, staring intently with her piercing black eyes. Couples are cautioned to be aware of their surroundings at night, as she’s known to chase love birds wielding her hatchet. You and your significant other would be wise not to stray from the pack on this Albuquerque ghost tour.


Why is Albuquerque So Haunted?


A Haunted Family Affair


The Old Town district of Albuquerque comprises some of the city’s most authentic and fascinating architecture. One such building is that of the Church Street Cafe, formerly known as the home of the Ruiz family. Built in 1706, the city’s first settlers occupied the original home, and for more than two centuries, members of the Ruiz family inhabited the dwelling. Though the family is long gone, one family member refuses to leave her beloved former home.


Embark on a journey with Albuquerque Ghosts to the oldest home in the city that now operates as an eatery as well as an otherworldly home for Sara. Upon purchasing the home, owner Marie Coleman noticed odd occurrences on a daily basis. When she brought in a family friend to help with the remodel, he immediately knew a presence was with them and identified the spirit as Sara, a former occupant of the home. 


Buckets would regularly fly across the room, and tools would go missing. And the ghostly activity never stopped. Today, staff continued to be spooked by the ghostly figure of Sara Ruiz. She appears in a black dress and wanders from room to room. She regularly tosses silverware around and enjoys switching the lights on and off. Should you see a flicker on this stop, it’s just Sara making sure you know that’s her home.


Why Albuquerque’s Past Continues to Be Resurrected


In Old Town, it’s not just the history that runs deep. Family lineages go as far back as the 1700s, with many of the first settlers in the family remaining after death. Such is the case with the Bottger family. Join Albuquerque Ghosts as we introduce you to the Bottger Mansion Bed and Breakfast – the only lodging in Old Town and one of the most haunted buildings in the city.


In the 1800s, the adobe served as the Governor’s Mansion for the unfavorable Governor Manuel Armijo before Charles Bottger purchased it in 1889. Though he’d amassed quite a fortune, he was broke by the time he passed away, leaving his debts to his wife. She began taking in boarders to pay the bills and, at one point, even housed the infamous gangster George Kelly Barnes, aka “Machine Gun Kelly.”


Over the years, the building has seen its fair share of famous faces, including Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, but none as shocking as the spirit of Charles Bottger. Patrons and staff alike have reported seeing dark figures wandering down the hallways, while some have actually heard the voice of Mr. Bottger himself. 


It’s believed three other apparitions inhabit the building, including Mrs. Bottger and a male spirit known as “The Lover,” who reportedly sneaks into the beds of female guests. From disembodied sighing and footsteps to manifestations and eerie feelings of being watched, the Bottger Mansion is as creepy as it is historic.


What’s So Special About the Albuquerque Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side of This Old World Destination


Albuquerque is a unique and beautiful city with stunning architecture, incredible cuisine, and popular events such as the International Baloon Festival, the Gathering of Nations, and the New Mexico State Fair. But every Adobe creation is not what it seems, as they all have a dark story to tell.


Visit the San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church, the first permanent building in Old Town. It was also at the center of the excavation of over two tons of human remains. With that many bodies, it’s no surprise that not all were moved, and, today, there are human remains under the church itself.


It gets darker than that. Across from the church was the Old Town jail, which was the scene of the gruesome hanging of Albuquerque’s first town marshal, Milton Yarberry. Today, his spirit mixes with those of the forgotten. Some have seen orbs, while others have seen Milton himself, still wearing the rope that ended his life. He’s known to appear at a moment’s notice, so stay vigilant – you may be the next witness.


A Once in a Lifetime Adventure You’ll Never Forget


There’s nothing quite like a ghost tour with Albuquerque Ghosts. We take you to some of the most historic buildings in the state while introducing you to their intriguing history and the ghosts that still call these buildings home – even the nefarious ones.


Experience the Covered Wagon, Old Town’s premiere souvenir shop that once operated as a saloon in the middle of the red-light district. The ladies of the night that worked the area were a feisty bunch, and one, in particular, left a bloody mark on the area. It’s said that a prostitute named Scarlett was murdered by another prostitute over a wealthy client.


Visit the very building where she is said to still claim as her own. Witnesses have claimed to see her on the balcony, with one report including that she was completely nude. She’s also been known to lure men into the building, only to disappear as soon as they step inside. If a woman in a dated purple dress smoking a cigarette catches your attention, keep walking!


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Ghost hunting and an interest in the otherworldly have grown in popularity and continue attracting people who want proof that spirits exist. On this ghost tour of Albuquerque, you’ll be surrounded by people who share a common interest in the macabre. 


With Albuquerque Ghosts, you’ll hear stories of the afterlife while visiting the locations where the spirits lived in their earthly form and where they continue to reside in the spirit realm. You’ll also hear legends with versions unique to Albuquerque, like that of La Llorona, the weeping woman who drowned her two children and whose apparition continues to search for them night after night.


These tales and more await on your ghost tour of Albuquerque with US Ghost Adventures. Book your tour today!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

5 Reasons To Book Your Albuquerque Ghosts Tour Right Now


1) You’ve Already Experienced Albuquerque’s World Famous Events


Albuquerque sits in the middle of a state known for its mystery and ties to other universes and other beings. Of course, the city is also known for its grand events such as the Albuquerque International Baloon Festival, the New Mexico State Fair, and the Gathering of Nations. No matter the reason for your visit to this unique city, when you’ve taken in all of the regular tourist haunts, join us for a ghost tour of Old Town Albuquerque’s most infamous haunts. Take in the city from a different and exciting perspective with Albuquerque Ghosts.


2) You’re Interested in Legends and Lore


Every city has its own set of tales that have been passed down from generation to generation. Albuquerque is no different. The city is filled with tales such as The Hatchet Lady and the infamous La Llorona, but here, they’re a little different. Here, there’s proof of their existence. To hear the stories that have been terrifying the locals for centuries, a ghost tour with US Ghost Adventures is a must.


3) You Want to Learn About The History of Albuquerque


Albuquerque Ghosts takes you to Old Town, a part of the city that’s complete with adobes that date back to the 1700s and tales that are just as deep. Old Town’s history is one that’s as mysterious as it is intriguing. It’s also one that deserves to be heard and experienced in person, so if you’re in Albuquerque and want to truly take in the history, what better way to do it than with a ghost tour with US Ghost Adventures?


4) You Want a Fun Way to Walk Off That Delicious Albuquerque Cuisine


When it comes to fine dining, Albuquerque offers the best of all worlds. There is so much variety that you may be unable to squeeze it all in one trip. However, if that’s your goal and you are looking for a fun and entertaining way to walk off all of the goodness you’ve consumed, Albuquerque Ghosts can help! Take a one-mile tour through historic Old Town Albuquerque and discover some of the city’s hidden gems while burning through some of the best food in the nation.


5) You’re Getting Into The Paranormal But Want to Ease Into It


Ghost hunting and the otherworldly are growing in popularity. If it’s something you’re interested in learning more about but want to ease into it, one of the best ways to do it is by taking a tour with Albuquerque Ghosts. We’ll introduce you to the city’s most infamous haunts while keeping the scares to a minimum. Of course, we can’t control what the spirits decide to do.

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