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Embark on a ghost tour in 60 cities or spend the night in one of America's most haunted houses.


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Christy Clark
Alexis was great! She was extremely knowledgeable about the places we visited. The EMF devices were...
16 Dec 2023
By: Christy Clark
Carrie Mackenzie
Had a great time! Tour guide was incredible & loved hearing all the history of Richmond. Thank you!...
01 Dec 2023
By: Carrie Mackenzie
Rick Hinds
Bruce was an excellent guide! Very knowledgeable on local history. We would ask for him again.
03 Jan 2024
By: Rick Hinds

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About Us

US Ghost Adventures provides entertaining, historic, and authentic ghost tours and experiences across the United States' most haunted cities.

We deliver fun, honest, and bone-tingling accounts of the very real hauntings that are so prevalent across the nation. While our stories are derived from historic research, a ghost tour wouldn’t be the same without the ghost stories!

Our team of over 300 employees and tour guides is passionate about delivering memorable experiences for each of our guests, every day of the year. The stories you will hear on our tours have been refined over the years to include experiences by our own guests and tour guides, as well as interviews of firsthand accounts from those who have witnessed the unexplained. We’re not here to dress up in costume, jump out and scare you, or to recite dramatic flair. We strive to make sense of the unexplainable by showing you the places and telling you the stories of the people who left their mark on them.

A Night To Remember

Experience a night in America’s most haunted houses. From the infamous Lizzie Borden House to the Welty House, join us for experiences you’ll take with you to the grave... and brag about to everyone until then!


Ghostly Goodies

From your own haunted doll to Lizzie Borden's official axe or interactive apps, we bring the fun directly to your home!

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Honolulu Ghosts
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The Crescent Hotel ‘America’s Most Haunted Hotel’

Posted on January 14, 2022
America's Most Haunted Hotel? You read that right. The Crescent Hotel is considered to be the most active hotel in reg...

Top 10 Most Haunted Hospitals in the World

Posted on January 12, 2022
Hospitals, asylums, sanitoriums... just these words alone conjure images of suffering, sadness, and death. Some hospit...

Haunted Hanover Inn

Posted on January 7, 2022
Did you know that colleges and universities all across America account for some of the most haunted locations in the n...
Albuquerque, NM
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Atlantic City, NJ
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