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Take a ghost tour in 50 cities, and even have the chance to spend the night in Americas most haunted houses.



Austin Hallman
Great tour with tons of awesome ghost stories. Had Kate as a tour guide and she did a phenomenal job...
Mary Coomer
Kathy Kraft
Our tour guide was Macy and she was amazing ! It was a great evening !

About Us

US Ghost Adventures offers entertaining, historic, and authentic ghost tours of the United States' most haunted cities.

We aim to deliver fun, yet honest accounts of the hauntings that are so prevalent across the nation. While our stories are derived from historic research, a ghost tour wouldn’t be the same without the ghost stories!

US Ghost Adventures offers ghost tours across the United States. The accounts of hauntings you will hear on our tours have been refined over the years to include experiences by our own guests and tour guides, as well as interviews of firsthand accounts from people who have witnessed the unexplained. We’re not here to dress up in costume, jump out and scare you, or to recite dramatic flair. Rather, we strive to make sense of the unexplainable.

A Night To Remember

Experience a night in America’s most haunted houses. From the Lizzie Borden House, in Massachusetts, to the Visilica Axe. Murder House, in Iowa, or the Conjuring House in North Carolina. Embrace a once in a lifetime experience you’ll take with you to the grave... and brag about to everyone until then!

Lizzie Borden House
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Ghostly Goodies

From your own haunted doll to Lizzie Borden's official axe or interactive apps, we bring the fun directly to your home!

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Bodie Ghost Town

Posted on May 23, 2022
Picture your quintessential western ghost town and you'll find Bodie. Tumbleweeds, decrepit buildings, dry sagebrus...

The Drish House

Posted on May 21, 2022
The Drish House: a Love Story If you look inside the tower of this old Tuscaloosa home, you might see some...

Spirits of the 17Hundred90 Inn

Posted on May 20, 2022
The 17Hundred90 Inn in Savannah, Georgia is a hotspot for ghost aficionados and foodies alike. With an extensive hi...